The Psychology of Clothing, Part II

Use the psychology of clothing to find your ideal mate

In the first part of this series, we looked at how clothing shapes your behavior, based on how you dress. In this article, we’ll look at how your clothing shapes others’ behavior toward you. Once you understand how you can influence others with your appearance, you can use it as part of your image arsenal…

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The Psychology of Clothing, Part I

The Psychology of Clothes

I always smile when someone tells me that clothing is superficial and unimportant, because what they’re really saying is that they’ve never experienced the benefits of proper dress. If they had, they’d know just how large a role clothing plays in their behavior – and they’d probably be making a lot more money. Alas, ignorance…

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My Top 5 Travel Clothing Tips

Maui, Hawaii

The first few times I traveled by myself, I completely over-packed. I put everything I thought I might need in the suitcase – including stuff I never wore at home – and often had to sit on it to get it closed. Then, because this was in the days before rolling suitcases, I’d have to…

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How People With Money and Power Dress Differently

The National Archives Building

“When you step off the plane, you can smell the power.” That’s how a woman I once worked with in Texas described the climate in Washington, DC. She’d just returned from a conference there, and was ready to go back for more. “It’s exciting. Vibrant. Powerful,” she said. “I’d move there in a heartbeat.” That…

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When In Doubt, Wear Red

When in doubt, wear red

“When in doubt, wear red,” said designer Bill Blass. His suggestion was most likely aimed at women who like to stand out, but attracting attention is just one of the psychological aspects of red. Research shows wearing red generates all sorts of interesting responses, so tuck some of these fun facts into your image arsenal…

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