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Hello, and Welcome to Fashion for Real Women! My name's Diana, and like many people, my interest in fashion started when I was a teen.  I began modeling in my hometown of Colorado Springs, Colorado, when I was 15, and continued until my early 20's.  Here are a couple of the publications I appeared in and on in those days:

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Nothing major - no Vogue, Elle, or Sports Illustrated covers (LOL!) - but I had fun.  I was too short (5'5") for runway work in New York and Paris, and my parents would never have allowed me to go that route anyway.  Small town girls and big city pitfalls just don't mix, so I stayed home... and had a BLAST!  I got married a few years later, moved to Texas, and got on the corporate track.  I thought my fashion days were behind me.

They weren't.

In 1994, I took an image consulting course, started moonlighting for fun, and never looked back.  I went full time a few years later.  After having my first child and getting more requests for one-on-one consultations than I could ever handle, I tried to figure out how to juggle motherhood, fashion, and way too many clients.  The answer?  The Internet!  I started FashionForRealWomen in late 2000, and after fifteen years and 500+ ezine issues, I'm still going strong.  My articles have been reprinted all over the web (Google me), and I've been interviewed by dozens of women's and industry magazines, including Prevention, Women's World, Weight Watchers, The American Bar Association, and Nurses World, and online by ContentBiz.com.

You can also find my "words of wisdom" in Priscilla Y. Huff's, The Self-Employed Woman's Guide to Launching a Home-Based Business and The FabJob Guide To Become a Fashion Designer.

So, to make a long story short, if you're looking to upgrade your image, I can help.  Whether you're a student, a career woman, a stay at home mom, or a retiree, I have practical wardrobe advice that can help you dress better and feel amazing.  Feel free to poke around some of the blog archives to see what topics we've covered, then sign up for my FREE ezine to get regular fashion advice in your inbox.

To Dressing Better,

Diana Pemberton-Sikes




Diana Pemberton-Sikes

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