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Learning which beauty routine works best for you can take a lifetime to master.  From skin care changes to hair care challenges, looking your best can be difficult some days.  But grooming is essential to your image and can make or break your look.  Here are some health and beauty tips to help you get started; also check out the recommended resources.

Beauty Articles

Basic Nail Care
Hair Removal Guide
Summer Skin and Hair Care Guide
Your Million Dollar Smile

  Beauty at Any Age

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Quick Start Resources

Wardrobe Magic
Wardrobe Magic
Build a wardrobe that works with your lifestyle and budget

Accessory Magic
Accessory Magic
Define your style and stretch your budget with accessories

Business Wear Magic
Business Wear Magic
Find the best business attire for your position and industry

Occasion Magic
Occasion Magic
What to wear for all the different occasions in your life

Beauty at Any Age
Beauty at Any Age
The best hair styles, skin care, and makeup for your age

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