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 If following the latest fashion trends was all it took to dress well, everyone could look like a super model. What separates the truly well dressed from the rest of the crowd is the attention to details: understanding fit, body shape, fabrics, and more. Here are some of our most popular fashion, beauty, and business articles from our free newsletter, The Clothing Chronicles .

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How to Add to Your Jewelry Collection
How to Buy a Handbag
The "Rules" of Shoes
Use Eye Glasses to Update Your Look
Women's Hosiery 101

Beauty Basics

Basic Nail Care
Hair Removal Guide
Summer Skin and Hair Care Guide
Your Million Dollar Smile

Business Attire

5 Ways to Create a Profitable Image
Business Attire 101
Is Your Professional Attire Hurting Your Career?
Summer Business Attire
The Ins and Outs of Business Casual
The Power of a Polished Appearance
What To Wear When You Work From Home
What To Wear When You Travel For Business
What Your Business Accessories Say About You

Cocktail Attire

5 Evening Wear Essentials
How To Avoid The High Cost Of Formal Attire
Special Occasion Dress Overview


Correspond Like a Pro
The Basics of Business Etiquette
The Business Lunch: How to Mix Food and Business

Fashion Fun

10 Movies for Fashion Lovers
A Basic Guide To Vintage Clothing
Celebrity Fashion: How It All Started
Couture versus Ready-to-Wear
Fashion Resource
How to Read a Fashion Magazine
The History of Haute Couture
Fashion News and Headlines
Entertainment News and Movie Reviews

Petite, Plus, and Tall Sizes

What To Do If You Aren't An "Average" Size

Wardrobe Planning

10 Fashion Mistakes That Can Spoil Your Look
Attire Guide for Women
Brassiere Basics
Cleaning The Closet
Clothing Capsules
Express Clothing: How To Dress In A Flash!
Hosiery 101
How Many Clothes Should You Have?
The Importance of Color Analysis
The Top 7 Ways to Dress Well on a Budget
What's the Difference Between an Image Consultant and a Fashion Stylist?

Wedding Attire

Special Occasion Dress Overview
What to Wear as a Wedding Guest


Work at Home Resources


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