Looking for some fun fashion sites you might have missed?  Want the latest on celebrity fashion, fashion history, or who has the cutest bags?  You’re in luck!  Here’s a selection from my growing list of bookmarks (along with some sites others have told me about).  Just be sure to look at these on YOUR time, not your employer’s:

Like to know the latest happenings in fashion, design, business – anything?  Try Trend Hunter.  You’ll find all kinds of cool stuff from street fashion to techno-gadgets.  They also have industry-specific trends for everything from parenting to celebrity culture.  It’s a fun, cool site that can also help businesses market better.

A hodge-podge of fashion, art, and home design, this daily blog offers news and trends in a variety of design fields.  Some of their pictures are mind-boggling.

If you’re into “green” products, you’ll love Inhabitat.  With a daily look at all things “green,” from energy and transportation to architecture and fashion, you’ll find plenty of environmentally-friendly things to ponder and track down.  Who knew “green” could be so cool?

Like how Michelle Obama dresses?  Wish you could see what she wears every day?  You’re in luck!  Follow the sartorial choices of the First Lady on her MANY daily activities (does this woman get a paycheck?  If not, she should!), from gardening at the White House and doing volunteer work in D.C. to traveling abroad and meeting the various heads of state, this blog covers it all.

  • My Clothing Calendar

Can’t remember what you wore when?  Need some help organizing your (or your clients’) press appearances?  This handy site can help.  It’s a web-based clothing journal that allows you to record what you wore when, how you accessorized, and who saw you in it.  A GREAT tool – especially if you’re photographed a lot.  A MUST for the socialite, celebrity, or politico – or anyone who likes to be organized.

There are LOTS of wedding sites out there, but Style Me Pretty is unique.  It showcases wedding stories with INCREDIBLE pictures, giving you a glimpse into some truly beautiful weddings.  If you like to read the Sunday wedding notices in the paper, or if you’re looking for a little inspiration for your wedding or that of someone you know – or even if you could just use some good entertaining ideas for your next shindig, check out this site.  You won’t be disappointed.

Think only guys dig cool techno-toys?  Not so!  Pop Gadget reviews all the latest technical doohickeys to hit the market – from a WOMAN’S perspective.  If you like your gadgets, you’ll LOVE Pop Gadget (part of the Pop Sugar Empire) to help you sort through the various trends, toys, and luxury items available.

Like purses?  Have a “thing” for handbags?  Wish you could spend your days reviewing designer bags?  That’s the inspiration behind Purse Blog, a blog about, well — purses.  They purr over the cool bags, make fun of the bad ones, and rant about the high prices of all of them on a regular basis.  It’s fun AND addictive, even if you’re more of a shoe, jewelry, or jacket kind of gal. . .

The twenty-something writer behind this site offers a fresh approach to fashion, reviewing trends, collections, and products not normally seen in the mainstream.  She loves German designers, vintage clothing, and independent boutiques.  Her “How to Get 80’s Hair” Video is a hoot (Edward Scissorhands was her role model)!

For the handful of men on this list – and for women who like to learn/read/lust after well dressed men – this men’s style portal is a must see.  Cool cars, great architecture, amazing fashion, hot women – everything a stylish man could want. Except, of course, a way to pay for it all…

Wasn’t that fun?

One of the great things about the web is getting to see things outside your local venue or regular magazine subscriptions.  There are A LOT of cool sites out there – all you have to do is look.

If you have a few other sites your fellow readers might enjoy, you can post it below.

    6 replies to "10 Great Fashion Sites 2009"

    • Jami Michael

      I have a great website to add to your list of 10 Great Fashion Sites.


      Melissa Baswell has been recycling clothing and using environmentally friendly materials for years. Check it out!

      Jami Michael

    • Yogitha

      Thought you might like this as well 🙂

    • […] 13, 2009 by Auntie Kate A site with 10 great fashion sites for you to explore.  Gather ideas! Use your creativity! Have a […]

    • Lori Cooper

      Yes, this looks like shameless self-promotion, but I do think my site, specifically my blog at loriacooperablogspot.com is something your readers will enjoy. The themes on my blog reflect the spirit of Fashion for Real Women and I have referred clients to your site as well as blogging about it.

      Yours in Fashion,

    • Jordan

      I am a huge fan of the newtork MTV. I watch it every night but lately I have noticed that alot of the guys have been sporting these rad shirts that are called True Love and False Idols. Now that i have become familiar with this company everywhere I go people pop up wearing it. I went on their website tlfi-la.com and was pleasantly surprised that their price points are loiw and reasonable.

    • sklepy z odzieżą

      Would add polyvore!:) In love with My Clothing Calendar – thanks for the tip! Greets

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