Looking for fashion trends? Men’s fashion? Great costumes? You’re in luck! The Internet literally brings the world to your living room – IF you know where to look. Here are some places to start:

1. Vogue

Looking for breaking news? Runway reports? Hot designers? Who wore what to which party? Then look no further than Vogue.com. Here are the sites for various countries:

2. Men’s Fashion

I’m often asked where to go for men’s fashion tips and guidelines, and have found both of these sites helpful:


The fashion channel on AskMen.com has all sorts of interesting articles, like how to determine sleeve length and how to dress for a first date. You’ll also find lots of male celebrity fashion articles here.

Men’s Style

The Men.Style.com site, home of GQ on the web, also offers a wide range of “how to” articles. But like its parent site, Style.com, it also showcases designers and runway shows so you can get to know “who’s who” in men’s fashion.

3. Net-a-Porter

If you like to buy (or look and dream about) high fashion, Net-a-Porter may just send you into a fashion frenzy. From profiling designers to offering “what to wear when” suggestions, you can learn about and buy high end fashion all in one place. And yes, there are people who really DO spend that much money on clothes.

4. Bollywood Fashion Police

I don’t know anything about Indian celebrities or Bollywood, but this site made me laugh out loud. The blogger critiques the fashion choices of both Bollywood and international celebrities, making often scathing remarks that are as hilarious as they are accurate. I’m not sure who’s behind it, but if you have some time and want to learn something while you have a good laugh, take a look.

5. Polyvore

I shared this mix-and-match community site in the ezine when a reader suggested it a few months ago. You can drop-and-drag pieces to create a look and other site visitors can comment on it. Let your fashion style muse run wild – or if your muse is MIA, just browse the collections for some great styling ideas.

6. Fashion Incubator

This site offers fascinating yet humorous analysis and commentary from the manufacturing and sourcing perspective. With recent articles like: “Naming a Product Line,” “Mistakes Designers Make” and “Why Fashion Colleges Don’t Teach Entrepreneurship,” you can get a completely different take on the fashion industry here. Very interesting stuff.

7. Fashion Trendsetter

Looking for industry news on upcoming trends and shows? This fashion forecasting site can help. From hot street looks and promising new designers to upcoming trade shows and industry events, this one-stop-shop offers a comprehensive overview of what’s hot today and what to look for tomorrow. It’s also one of the few places I’ve found where you can learn about design competitions and award shows.

8. Costumer’s Manifesto

Need to replicate a 16th century ruff for your daughter’s starring role in her school play? Looking for a picture of army sandals for your report on Ancient Rome? Can’t remember what year the bustle came into vogue? The Costumes.org site can help. Created by a movie costumer, the site has everything from costume patterns and classes to pictures of historical dress from prehistoric times to present. It’s an excellent historic clothing research site.

9. Hair Boutique

Hairboutique.com was one of the first hair sites on the web, and it’s still one of the best. Learn about hair care, look for different hairstyles, chat on the forums, and get recommendations on products. It’s thorough and comprehensive.

10. Catalog Link

Looking for plus size undergarments? Shoes for petites? An extra-tall uniform? Unusual handbags? Then take a look at catalog link, where you’ll find all sorts of specialty catalogs for everything under the sun.