Where can you go to learn about the latest trends?  The history of fashion?  Clothing care and maintenance?

Online, of course!  There are lots of great sites out there that you can get lost in, reading about everything from celebrity fashion to haute couture.

Here are a few of my favorites:


The home of W and Vogue on the web, Style.com has made many of my fashion magazines subscriptions obsolete.  You can learn about trends, runway reports, fashion icons, fashion designers and more just by perusing this site.  Take a look.

First View

Wish you could have a front row seat to all the best fashion shows in the world?  Well, here’s the next best thing.  Look at the current and past collections from famous designers from all over the world, and see the “who, what, where, when” of upcoming fashion shows.

Mode à Paris

Want to “dive right in” to the world of French fashion to learn about fashion history, designers, and upcoming shows?  Then this site is for you!  Find out which fashion houses meet the rigorous standards of the Chambre Syndical de la Haute Couture, and learn where you can study for a career in French fashion.

The Sartorialist

Scott Schuman is a former fashion marketer and retail store owner who combined his love of great tailoring with fashion photography to create “The Sartorialist” blog.  Sartorial, which is a term used to describe tailoring and the tailoring trade, is the main focus of Scott’s quest as he seeks to photograph well-dressed people on the street.  What began as a fun way to share his photos just two years ago has turned into a fast-paced fashion career that sends him all over the globe as a reporter for Style.com and as a speaker to fashion and tailoring groups.

MSN Beauty and Fashion

UndressedMSN has lots of in-depth channels, like finance, food, gardening, and health.  Their fashion channel is excellent, offering behind-the-scenes videos, interviews, and articles that you don’t see anywhere else.

If you like snarky celebrity fashion reviews, then MSN entertainment writer/fashion critic Kat Giantis will have you laughing out loud.  Her reports are not kind, but they do show how celebrities can still stumble fashion-wise even when they have an army of stylists at their disposal.  Check out her “Undressed” reports here:



INSTYLE Magazine’s website has come a long way from the days when you could just go there to subscribe to their magazine.  You can still do that, but you can also look at trends, get ideas for entertaining, vote on you favorite celebrity looks, and even learn where to copy those looks for less.  It’s a fun site, especially if you’re into celebrity fashion.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph LaurenOne of the things I like about the Ralph Lauren site is that it understands what people are looking for online.  While many other designer sites take a long to time to load, are bloated with graphics, and don’t sell directly from their site, RalphLauren.com loads relatively quickly and is easy to navigate.  You can buy clothes, subscribe to the ezine, and get TONS of styling ideas from the gorgeous pictures.  They also have a style section to show you how to put things together.  Awesome!  Would that other designers would take some notes from Ralph . . .

Fashion Era

Love fashion history?  Want to see which trend-setters have influenced fashion over the centuries?  Need to do research on what people wore in 1800?  1900?  2000?  Then this is THE place to find out.  This comprehensive site is one of the most popular on the web, with good reason:  it has TONS of information!

Fabric Link

Want to learn more about different types of fabrics?  Need to know how to maintain the fabrics you have?  Fabric Link can help.  Take a good look around their “Fabric University,” and you’ll learn everything you need to know about taking care of most fabrics.

Biz Rate

Looking for something in particular, like a black cocktail dress or sweet deals on Christian Louboutin shoes?  Just go to Bizrate.com, type in your item, and it will find places on the web that are selling what you seek.  It also lists price and costumer reviews.  What a time saver!

So there you have it.  Take some time to click around to these sites when you have some time, and either bookmark them or keep this list handy for future reference.  You never know when these sites will come in handy.

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