There are TONS of Facebook Groups and Pages devoted to fashion.

So if you want to talk shoes, beauty, vintage, or whatever to others who share your passion for fashion, these 25 Facebook Groups and Pages will help you do it.

Some of these are public and offer instant access; others are private and require you to be approved.  All have amazing fashion pictures, videos, and other resources where you can learn stuff, get inspired, and virtually chat with others.


Fashion Facebook Groups

1. Advanced Style

Elder fashionistas show off their personal style – some quirky, some elegant. You’ll find lots of fun pictures and a vibrant community.Advanced Style Facebook Page


2. The Chriselle Factor

Glamorous millennial fashion vlogger travels the world to bring you fashion trends, beauty reviews, and lifestyle tips – plus pictures of her adorable toddlers.  She makes running a fashion empire and being a young mother seem easy.  It’s not!

The Chriselle Factor


3. Fashion Over Fifty

Fashion news, pictures, outfits, and more for women over 50.  The author often shows celebrities over 50, giving readers styling ideas from the red carpet.  This is another vibrant online community.Fashion Over Fifty Facebook Page

4. Purse Blog

Luxury designer handbag aficionados review the latest bags, share tips on collecting, and highlight posts from their very active forum community.  Look at the pictures, chat with the ladies on the forum.

Purse Blog


5. Wendy’s Look Book

Beautiful outfits and great styling ideas from one of the original fashion influencers.  Still stunning after all these years.

Wendy's Look Book


Vintage Fashion Facebook Groups

6. Pinsent Tailoring

20-something Brit with a passion for the Regency Era makes and models clothes that would make Beau Brummell jealous.  He started dressing this way in high school and now has a worldwide following.

Pinsent Tailoring Facebook Page


7. The Gilded Age Society

Admirers of the Gilded Age (1870s-1900s) share pictures of art, fashion, architecture, etc.  There’s a lot to see and learn here, and you’ll be dazzled for days.The Gilded Age Society Facebook Group



8. The Way We Wore

Vintage clothing expert shares beautiful pictures and inside knowledge from her popular Los Angeles store.  It’s a favorite of celebrities looking for red carpet one-of-a-kind outfits.

The Way We Wore (Jean Paul Gaultier Safari Ensemble)


9. Vintage Fashion Uncovered

Vintage fashion lovers share old photos of clothing and accessories from the 20th century.  Lots of beautiful pictures.

Vintage Fashion Uncovered Facebook Group


10. Vintage Styling for Modern Girls

Vintage fashion lovers share old photos, ads, and movie clips dating before 2000. Many also model vintage clothing and accessories that they’ve added to their collections.

Vintage Fashion for Modern Girls Facebook Group


Jewelry Facebook Pages

11. Bulgari
News, inspiration, and beautiful jewelry from one of the world’s premier jewelers.  They were a favorite of Elizabeth Taylor’s.



12. Effy Jewelry

Find beautiful jewelry and words of inspiration from this old school New York jeweler.

Effy Jewelry Facebook Page


13. Faberge

Dazzling artistic pieces that inspire and delight. You can binge-watch the informative videos and see how Faberge became an imperial favorite.Faberge


14. The Jewellery Editor

Jewelry and watch trends, interviews with jewelry designers, plus field trips to museum exhibitions and international jewelry shows. LOTS of good information and insight into the industry.

The Jewellery Editor Facebook Page


15. Tiffany & Co.
Gorgeous pieces to drool over and dream about. Stunning!

Tiffany & Co.


Vintage Jewelry Facebook Groups

16. Boylerpf Antique Vintage Jewelry

Beautiful and affordable antique and vintage jewelry for sale from the Victorian – Retro eras. Gorgeous!

Boylerpf Antique Village


17. Eyes Desire Gems & Jewelry Group

Current and vintage jewelry pieces, many for sale.

Eyes Desire Gem & Jewelry Group Facebook Group


18. The Jewelry Lady’s Store

Vintage jewelry for sale from the Victorian Era through the 1970s, plus beautiful clothing, accessories, and other pretty vintage things to make you dream and ponder.

The Jewelry Lady's Store


19. Lang Antiques

Gorgeous antique jewelry and vintage engagement rings for sale. Totally drool-worthy.

Lang Antique and Estate Jewelry


20. The Jewelry Nerd

Vintage jewelry appraiser posts beautiful pictures and offers tips on buying and caring for vintage pieces.

The Jewelry Nerd Facebook Page


Grooming Facebook Pages

21. All Hair Styles for Women

Hairstyling ideas for women of all ages and with different lengths of hair.  Lots of good ideas here.

All Hair Styles for Women


22. Fragantica

Fragrance reviews, industry news, and how to choose and care for your perfumes.  Another active community sharing insight and expertise.

Fragrantica Facebook Page


23. Makeup Lessons

Pictures and tutorials on how to wear the latest makeup trends.  Lots of beautiful pictures.

Makeup Lessons


24. Nail Art Club

LOTS of nail art ideas for nails of all shapes, sizes, and lengths.

Nail Art Club


25. Sephora

Get product reviews, upcoming events, and daily deals on your beauty favorites.  Visit their website and check product reviews before trying anything new.  These gals will set you straight on what to buy and what to avoid.

Sephora Facebook page



Lots of variety here.  These Fashion Facebook Groups and Pages should keep you busy for hours…if not days!

Have any others you’d like to add to the list?  Put them in the comments below.



25 Fashion Facebook Groups and Pages You Need to See



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