5 Ways to Look Great For Your Reunion

Warm weather and reunions seem to go together.  Classes, families, organizations — you name it — they all seem to get together this time of year.

But while it’s always fun to catch up with people you haven’t seen in a while, it can also be a little stressful.  Have you changed a lot since the last time you saw them?  Or is your life basically the same?  What does your appearance suggest has happened during the intervening years?

If your outside no longer accurately reflects your inside, a reunion is a great reason to make some changes in how you look.  They don’t have to be dramatic.  Just a little effort can bring about a noticeable difference that gets people buzzing about your new look.

Here are five ways to go about it:

1.  Update Your Hairstyle

If you haven’t changed your hairstyle since the last time you saw these people, it’s definitely time for a change.  A new style, a new color, parting it differently – just do something!  It doesn’t have to be traumatic.  An updated version of your old favorite will shave years off your appearance.

Think of hairstyles as having a shelf life:  if you’ve been wearing your hair the same way for more than two years, it’s time for a change.  Clinging to the same style for decades doesn’t make you look young and untouched be time – it makes you look inflexible and out of date.

Peruse this site for some ideas:


2.  Update Your Makeup

Makeup styles also change from time to time and colors change each season.  If you’re still applying your makeup the same way you did in high school – lining your eyes or lips just so — it’s time to learn a few new tricks.  Flip through a few fashion magazines to see what’s current.  Or, if you’re “all thumbs” when it comes to stuff like that, book a one-on-one lesson with a makeup artist.  You’ll find them in many upscale salons and you can get an hour’s less for about $50-$60.

3.  Drop a Few Pounds (or Just Look Like You Did)

If your waistline just isn’t where is used to be “back in the day,” a reunion could be the perfect excuse to finally get serious about a diet and exercise regime.  Dropping a few pounds will not only make you look younger and leaner, it will probably make you feel better as well.

If a new body isn’t in the cards this time around, then stick with a slimming wardrobe for the reunion:  dark colors, monochromatic ensembles, empire waistline, vertical and diagonal lines.  All of these will make you look taller and thinner than you are.

4.  Add Great Accessories

A status handbag, watch, or pair of shoes may make your old friends drool – if your crowd is into such things.  If not, try something inexpensive and trendy to add a contemporary edge to your look.  Skip the heavy-as-a-suitcase bag and sensible “grandma” orthopedics for a quirky bag and eye-catching shoes (they don’t have to be high or painful to draw raves).  Fun accessories can update classic clothes and make you seem young and hip.

5.  Get a Manicure and Pedicure

Beautiful hands and feet can make you seem elegant and well-groomed while rough hands and feet suggest a life of hard labor. You don’t need a full set of acrylics to look great; short, even-length nails in a uniform color will do nicely.  This small indulgence before the big event will make you look polished and pulled together.

Taking some time with your appearance can reap big rewards at reunions.  You aren’t the same person you were the last time you saw this group, so you shouldn’t look the same as you did all those years ago.  If you’re better read, better traveled, and better financed than you were way back when, your appearance should tell the tale.

Yes, you’ll find plenty of people who haven’t changed at all since the last time you saw them.  No new ideas, opinions, or adventures — you may be astounded by how little some folks challenge themselves as the years go by.

But if you’ve made some strides in your life, bring your outside in line with your inside so they all know at a glance that you’re not the same girl.  Just a little updating can mean the difference between everyone saying, “Wow!  You look great!” and the dreaded, “Wow! You haven’t changed a bit.”

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