August Photo Contest Winner – Genevieve

We had several beautiful entries from women of all ages and sizes for our August Photo Contest – Summer Vacation Clothes .  With children on the beach and  sweethearts near the shore, the variety made me smile. There were several I really liked, but the one with the most “favorite” votes was…

Genevieve from San Diego.

Here’s what she wrote with her entry:

You’re looking at my favorite piece of clothing in my entire wardrobe. It’s a simple, light, opaque, long rectangular sarong with coloring I absolutely love. I’ve had it for years, and I think every summer-vacationing woman should have one! It’s so versatile, and it goes pretty much everywhere with me – it’s a blanket on car and plane trips (and when I was in college, I brought it to campus for chilly classrooms). I can also wear it as a long wrap skirt or fold it in half into a shorter one. It can even be a scarf in a pinch. Plus it’s so light, it folds up really tiny and fits anywhere!

My absolute favorite way to wear my sarong is in my picture: all I do is tie the two top corners into a halter behind my neck. It’s the perfect beach or pool cover-up – the dark fabric and bright pattern hide wet patches quite well (and don’t become see-through when wet either), and the light material dries quickly. I also love how the pattern on the edge makes a pretty vertical line that’s slimming. And with a light little summer jacket over it, it’s definitely modest enough to go out even to a restaurant in it – I’ve done that several times after beach trips!

Genevieve’s right – a sarong IS an extremely versatile piece, which is why I have several in my wardrobe as well.  Wear them as a dress, a skirt, a shawl – it’s amazing what you can do with a rectangular piece of cloth!  It’s why Pacific Islanders have worn them for centuries.

Good job, Genevieve!

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