Couture vs Ready-to-Wear

Couture versus Ready-to-Wear

    Couture vs ready-to-wear:  what's the difference? Basically, custom-made versus off-the-rack. Let's take a closer look. Couture Definition Couture (koo TOOR) is the French word for sewing.  Often, couture clothes are one-of-a-kind designs made for
Easter Hat Etiquette

Easter Hat Etiquette

    Once upon a time, no Easter outfit was complete without an Easter hat. For many women, it was the star of the ensemble. They'd start their quest as soon as spring clothes
Women's Classic Clothing Styles

Women’s Classic Clothing Styles

    Women's classic clothing styles are those that look good on just about everyone and have been popular for years. Like chicken that can be fried for a casual picnic or simmered
Maui, Hawaii

My Top 5 Travel Clothing Tips

How do you plan your travel clothing? I ask, because the first few times I traveled by myself, I completely over-packed.  After putting everything I thought I might need in the