Cannes Film Festival Fashion 2010

It’s always fun to watch Cannes Film Festival Fashion, because it’s always one of the most glamorous events of the year.  This kicks off the summer movie season in the Northern Hemisphere and allows avid fans to consume large doses of celebrity fashion as stars gather en masse in the South of France.

Now obviously, the fashion is amazing.  But let me ask you something:  what do you normally wear to the movies?  Probably not a formal gown.  I wonder how uncomfortable that is?  Do they eat popcorn and try not to spill Coke on their couture in the dark?  Are they passing Twizzlers and Milk Duds around to their neighbors?  Nachos, anyone?

Probably not.  Although if anyone has “been there, done that,” please let us know.  I, for one, would appreciate the intel…

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Cannes Film Festival

Eva Longoria Parker
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