Fashion For Real Women

Coats for Professional Women

A few weeks ago when actress Brooke Shields was making the talk show rounds to promote her new book, I saw these two pictures: On the set of “Good Morning America,”
Dress like a leader

Dress Like a Leader

Want to do things your own way? Want others to “jump on board” with your ideas? Want to leave a legacy with your name on it? Than dress like it. It's a
Fashion For Real Women

5 Trends that Need to Stop

It's always fascinating to me which fashion trends catch on with the general public. While the fashion and entertainment industries introduce hundreds of cutting edge looks each year, only a
Ryan Seacrest: Then and Now

How to Hide in Plain Sight

In Hollywood movies, people who go into hiding change their name and appearance to avoid detection. They wear sunglasses. They ditch their cars. They do everything they can to look