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Fashion Designer Elizabeth Emanuel Goes Mass Market

It all started when Isaac Mizrahi designed a line of affordable designer clothes for Target.  It sold so well that he was quickly joined by Todd Oldham (furniture), Liz Lange (maternity), and Sonia Kashuk (makeup).  Now, British Discount Retail BHS (British Home Store) has done the same by adding one of England’s most popular designers to their…

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How to Manage Your Image “Old Hollywood” Style

Back in the “Golden Age” of Hollywood, movie stars were glamorous. They looked good in every film, at every premiere, and at every awards show and their loyal fans lined up to see their movies and buy magazines in which they appeared. Whenever a camera was trained on them, they looked like they moved in…

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Celebrity Fashion: Just How Appealing are those Starlets?

Ever wonder how some celebrities manage to garner lucrative beauty and fashion endorsements in addition to their movie and television roles?  A large part of it has to do with how well they present themselves on the red carpet and in interviews, but another key factor is how appealing they are to the masses.  Are they likeable?  Is…

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Isaac Mizrahi Leaves Target for Liz Claiborne

Fashion designer and style personality Isaac Mizrahi will be ending his association with mass retailer Target when his contract expires at the end of this year.  He will then take the helm as creative director for Liz Claiborne Company in Spring, 2009. The announcement comes none-to-soon for the struggling Claiborne brand, which revolutionized wardrobing for the…

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Celebrity Fashion: Writers’ Strike Hurting Fashion Industry

First it was the writers.  Then it spilled into the production staff.  The makeup people.  The lighting guys.  Then, with no paycheck coming in, everyone in Los Angeles stopped going out to eat and buying video games.  Mortgages and car payments have fallen behind.  Then, no Golden Globes to watch and dissect. So now who’s…

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