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Kate Middleton Style

So Prince William finally “popped the question!” I’ve been following their courtship all these years, just like everyone, and am delighted at the news.  What a breath of fresh air! I find William and Kate’s story as different from Charles and Diana’s as can be. -First, while Charles had a long string of girlfriends throughout…

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Celebrity Fashion Brands – What It Takes to Build an Empire

What does it take to build a celebrity fashion brand – or any brand, for that matter? Time, effort, and a MASSIVE support team. That’s the conclusion I’ve come to watching some of these reality show divas.  Lots of people say they want to be rich and famous. . . but to actually do what…

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Mad Men Goes Mod

So right on the heels of the news that Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant will debut a new line on QVC next month comes the first promo stills from for Mad Men Season 4, that starts in a couple of weeks on AMC. Frank Ockenfels/AMC I love the fashion on this show not only…

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“Sex and the City 2” Fashion Review

Some friends and I did a rare “dinner and movie” night and went and saw Sex and the City 2.  While the storyline wasn’t particularly great, there were definitely some great fashion moments. Including: The friends’ wedding sequence was LOL funny, and I especially enjoyed watching Liza Minelli channel Beyonce on stage.  Can you believe…

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Cannes Film Festival Fashion 2010

It’s always fun to watch Cannes Film Festival Fashion, because it’s always one of the most glamorous events of the year.  This kicks off the summer movie season in the Northern Hemisphere and allows avid fans to consume large doses of celebrity fashion as stars gather en masse in the South of France. Now obviously,…

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