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David Beckham Heats Things Up

I haven’t looked at a picture of a hot guy and felt the urge to scream like a school girl for many a year, but David Beckham’s new Emporio Armani underwear ads are having that very effect on me. Have you seen these? Whew! Talk about scantily clad men! Apparently I’m not the only one…

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Heather Kuzmich is America’s ‘Model’ for Neurologic Disorder

Heather Kuzmich is socially awkward, has trouble making eye contact, and is often a target of malicious treatment — all because she suffers from a neurological disorder known as Asperger’s Syndrome.  Believed to be a form of autism, this condition is characterized by unusual social skills and poor communication. So what makes Heather’s story unique? She’s bravely shared her trials in…

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Fashion Advice from Yesterday and Today

I saw a story on yesterday that made me laugh out loud.  It compares fashion advice from two new books coming out (by “Spice Girl” Victoria Beckham and celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe) to fashion advice given in a 1959 book about the art of being a well-dressed wife (by 1950’s fashion designer Anne Fogarty).…

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George Clooney and Julia Roberts to Co-Chair Costume Institute Gala

George Clooney and Julia Roberts will co-chair the annual Costume Institute Ball on Monday, May 5, 2008. This year’s theme is “Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy,” and is being underwritten by fashion designer (and Clooney friend) Giorgio Armani. “In recent years, superheroes have reemerged in the forefront of popular culture, both through the renaissance of iconic…

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Help Ralph Lauren Fight Breast Cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and to help in the fight against this devastating disease, Ralph Lauren is offering their Pink Polo collection through the end of the month.  You can get a pink polo pony logo on several items, including polo shirts, t-shirts, and totes, and 100% of the proceeds go toward helping…

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