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August Photo Contest Winner – Genevieve

We had several beautiful entries from women of all ages and sizes for our August Photo Contest – Summer Vacation Clothes .  With children on the beach and  sweethearts near the shore, the variety made me smile. There were several I really liked, but the one with the most “favorite” votes was… Genevieve from San…

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Celebrity Fashion Brands – What It Takes to Build an Empire

What does it take to build a celebrity fashion brand – or any brand, for that matter? Time, effort, and a MASSIVE support team. That’s the conclusion I’ve come to watching some of these reality show divas.  Lots of people say they want to be rich and famous. . . but to actually do what…

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Crazy Fashions Rich People Buy

In the world of fashion and luxury, nothing is too good for people with money – and fashion designers know this.  That’s why they offer special items for their most discerning clients, items you probably never knew existed, like… Gucci Mahjong Set This beautiful limited edition Mahjong set was made to commemorate the 2008 Summer…

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August Photo Contest – Summer Vacation Clothes

For many people in the Northern Hemisphere, August is synonymous with vacation.  Sand, surf, spa, mountains – the stuff that relaxes you and makes you wish you were doing all the rest of the year when you’re working instead. For our August photo contest, we’re looking for great vacation clothing, clothes that make others look…

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July Photo Contest Winner – T Mullins

While we had several wonderful entries for our July Photo Contest:  Summer Business Attire – including one from a professional seamstress with impeccable fit – the one we felt offered the best crisp summer time business attire was… T. Mullins Here’s what she wrote with her entry: “Here in the south, office attire in the…

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