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How Ebenezer Butterick Changed the Face of Fashion

Every now and again an invention comes along that is so brilliant, it literally changes the way things are done. The cotton gin. The Jacquard loom. The sewing machine. Live mannequins. It’s done one way until the innovation, then it’s rarely done that way again. Such was the case with Ebenezer Butterick and his graded…

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What You Can Learn From Lupita Nyong’o

I didn’t know who Lupita Nyong’o was two months ago. She caught my attention at the Golden Globes in early January, and after winning a slew of film awards – including the Best Supporting Actress Oscar – for her role in 12 Years a Slave, she has captured my full attention. You might even say…

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The Red Carpet Food Chain

Movie premieres and award shows are among the world’s most glamorous events. Beautiful people in beautiful clothes always attract attention, but the awards season red carpet circuit takes dazzling to a whole new level. Hard to believe that behind the glitz and glamour are some of the most cut-throat antics of all time. But it…

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10 Olympians Who Set Fashion Trends

While the 2014 Winter Olympics have been landmark in a number of ways – Women’s Ski Jumping, Team Figure Skating, #sochiproblems – one thing they’re NOT going to be remembered for is fashion. With the exception of former skater turned commentator, Johnny Weir – whose flamboyant attire blatantly challenges Putin’s anti-gay laws – most of…

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Bethany Mota at King of Prussia Mall

My oldest daughter, Cassie, is a fan of social media fashion darling Bethany Mota. At 18, Bethany has turned her “fashion hauls” – shop and show purchases on YouTube – into a lucrative career, with nearly 5 million YouTube fans, 2.5 million Instagram followers, 1 million Twitter followers, etc. She has such a devoted following…

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