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Nylon Stockings Introduced

Did you know that on this day in 1939, nylon stockings were sold for the first time in Wilmington, Delaware by the DuPont Corporation?  They’d been introduced at the World’s Fair earlier in the year and were met with wild enthusiam. Why? Because before nylon, stockings were typically made out of silk, which was delicate…

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Armani Letting the “TomKat” Out of the Bag?

According to today’s edition of Women’s Wear Daily, Armani has been chosen to design the wedding attire from Tom Cruise’s and Katie Holmes’ upcoming nuptials.  The Italian designer is reported to have designed five outfits for Holmes to wear during the wedding weekend. There is still no news on the date or place, although George Clooney has denied…

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Neiman Marcus Christmas Book 2006

A Tuscan villa?  The archives of a famous fashion designer?  A flight into space?  What? Neiman Marcus explores the possibilities with its 2006 Christmas Book.  The fantasy guide, first launched by the Dallas-based retailer back in 1959, offers all of these things and more, including 50 limited-edition M6 BMW’s ($139,000 each), a backyard water park…

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Fashion Police: Unnecessary Widening

While I like this combination, I think I’d like it better on a taller woman.  This gal is both petite and pear-shaped, which means the horizontals and the light shorts aren’t doing a lot for her.  The horizontal lines are widening and visually “chopping her up,” while the light color on the widest part of…

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Fashion Police: The Only So-So Pretty-In-Pink Petite

Fashion Police Alert Fuchsia is a bright color meant to draw the eye, and this gal’s top certainly did.  While I applaud her attempt to look pulled together, there are a couple of things that she could have done better: 1.  Wear a Support Bra This one is flattening and allowing her to sag instead…

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