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Downton Abbey Fashion Highlights

When the Titanic sank in April 1912, fifteen hundred people lost their lives, including John Jacob Astor IV, Isidor Straus (co-owner of Macy’s), and James Crawley and his son Patrick, the heirs to the (fictional) Earl of Grantham and his estate, Downton Abbey. Thus begins the tale of the Crawley family, their servants, and their…

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Why Diamonds Are STILL a Girl’s Best Friend

A kiss on the hand might be quite continental, but diamonds are a girl’s best friend A kiss may be grand, but it won’t pay the rental on your humble flat, or help you at the automat Men grow cold as girls grow old, and we all lose our charm in the end But square-cut…

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The Best and Worst Dressed Reality TV Stars 2012

Toddlers and Tiaras. What Not to Wear. Big Rich Texas. Project Runway. Reality TV is full of big fashion, big closets, and ridiculously big egos, but it’s shockingly short on distinctive style. While many of these people have hair and fashion stylists on retainer, it’s amazing how many of them dress exactly the same. Same…

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Great Gifts for Fashion Lovers 2012

What should you give the fashion lovers in your life? It’s a challenge fraught with danger, because if you give someone a bag or shoes or clothes they don’t like, it will either sit somewhere unworn, or be returned to the store and exchanged. In other words, a waste of time and money for everyone…

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What Is Fashion Week?

The tents are up, the invitations have gone out, and hotel rooms have been booked for months. As New Yorkers brace themselves for the influx of traffic that marks the beginning of New York fashion week, those not familiar with the industry are asking themselves one simple question: What is fashion week? Fashion week is…

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