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Stolen! The British Crown Jewels

In a daring plot worthy of a Hollywood movie, four men attempted to steal the British crown jewels on May 9th by bludgeoning the jewel keeper, hiding the jewels under their clothes, and walking out of the Tower of London completely undetected.  They almost succeeded, too – until the jewel keeper’s son showed up unexpectedly…

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5 Things Blockbuster Movies Can Teach You About Business Attire

Blockbuster movies. Hollywood makes 90% of its income during the summer months and holiday season by releasing big, expensive movies that cater to the widest audience.  They learned long ago they could pack  theaters IF they delivered exciting stories the whole family could enjoy. As crazy as it sounds, blockbuster movies are a lot like business attire.…

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7 Habits You Should Steal From Kate Middleton

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

When Prince William announced his engagement to Kate Middleton in November, 2010, royal watchers the world over were delighted that her 8 year stint as “Waity Katie” had finally come to an end. But what they had no way of predicting at the time was just how influential she would become.  Or how quickly she…

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The 10 Most Extreme Fashion Trends EVER

What’s the craziest fashion trend you ever saw?  The Zoot suit?  The leisure suit?  Go-go boots?  Goth?  As wild as those trends were, they still don’t compare to some of the wacky things people have done over the centuries all in the name of fashion. Torture, greed, vanity, lust – the stories read like the…

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2011 Fashion Year in Review

Who was the best dressed of 2011?  Who was the worst?  Who dazzled on the red carpet?  Who made us jeer? It’s always fun to look back at the best and worst of things come year end, and 2011 fashion is no exception.  But as I started to build my own list, I discovered there…

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