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Clothing and Accessory Idioms

Ever wonder how some of the most popular sayings about clothes – like being “well heeled” and “take the gloves off” – came from?  Some have been around for centuries, others not so long.  If you’re a student of etymology (the study of words), you’ll find this particularly amusing.  For the rest of you, store…

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The Dangers of Size Zero

Like Diana, Princess of Wales before her, Kate Middleton has become a fashion powerhouse as the wife to an heir to the British throne.  Her clothing, accessories, and grooming are scrutinized and her “repeats” are dutifully noted.  But there’s one dark aspect of her person that’s creating a trend that’s not get very much press…

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How Tiffany & Company Left Their Mark on Fashion

The distinctive blue box. The engagement ring style. A China pattern fit for the White House. When you think of Tiffany’s, you think of diamonds and luxury that only a few can afford. But how did they get there? How did they leave their mark? By dedicating themselves to quality and excellence. Charles Lewis Tiffany…

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How Jimmy Choo Became a Luxury Brand

Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin, and Jimmy Choo are the three big names in high-end shoes right now.  They’ve been duking it out in the luxury market for decades, and while each deserves to be profiled here, today we’ll focus on Jimmy Choo, who got famous by shodding a princess. So is there a real Jimmy…

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How Max Factor Created the Modern Cosmetic Industry

Next time you smooth, brush, or spray on foundation makeup, take a moment to thank Max Factor.  For without his obsession for makeup perfection in front of the camera – and all the women around the world wanting to look as glamorous as their favorite stars – he might never have created makeup for regular…

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