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Fashion News From Around the Web

Here are some of the latest, greatest, funniest, and saddest fashion stories from around the web: John Galliano: Downfall of a Couturier What do John Galliano and Mel Gibson have in common?  They downed a few too many, started trash-talking, and ruined their careers. So, so sad.  See what Women’s Wear Daily had to say…

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Fashion Innovators

I was on the home page, looking around at their headlines, when the runway photo in the upper left hand corner suddenly came to life like the paintings in a Harry Potter movie. I did a double-take. After refreshing the page, it looks like their runway picture transforms into a video feed of the…

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The Royal Wedding Gravy Train

Anyone else notice how there’s “much ado” about the Royal Wedding? Royal weddings are always popular – I remember the fanfare surrounding Charles & Diana’s, and my mother said that Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier’s was much the same – but when there are marathons about royal brides on television months before the big event,…

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Fashion News and Great Gift Ideas

Here’s a collection of fun, interesting news from the world of fashion…and some great fashion gifts for all the fashion lovers in your life: Fashion News What will Kate Middleton’s wedding dress look like?  Well, while the details are fuzzy, there are three givens:  it will be white, have a train, and cover the shoulders. …

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Gift Ideas for Fashion Lovers

Need some gift ideas for the fashionistas on your holiday list?  Would you love to have a few fashion gifts of your own?  Here are some great gift ideas for all the fashion lovers on your list, including you: What People Wore When If you like fashion history, you’ll love this book.  Not only is…

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