My Top 5 Travel Clothing Tips

Maui, Hawaii

How do you plan your travel clothing? I ask, because the first few times I traveled by myself, I completely over-packed.  After putting everything I thought I might need in the suitcase – including stuff I never wore at home – I often had to sit on it to get it closed. Then, because this…

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Winter Hat Guide for Women

Winter Hat Guide

Once upon a time, a woman was not considered “dressed” unless she wore a hat. Today, hats have largely fallen out of fashion – except when then the weather calls for it. When temperatures dip and you need to bundle up, a hat becomes a necessity. While you can go hatless – as many people…

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Coats for Professional Women

A few weeks ago when actress Brooke Shields was making the talk show rounds to promote her new book, I saw these two pictures: On the set of “Good Morning America,” November 17, 2014: Photo Courtesy of Leaving the building afterward: Photo Courtesy of Now I like Brooke, I really do, but I’m…

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What to Wear to A Graduation

Been invited to a graduation this year? If you’re like me, you have. Kids, relatives, friends, you name it – someone you know hits this milestone every year. So what should you wear? It depends on the time, formality, and location of the graduation ceremony. If you’ll be traveling a far distance, that can also…

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Cocktail Attire for The Holidays

The holidays are the perfect time to pull out your best cocktail attire. Christmas pageants, office parties, Christmas weddings, New Year’s Eve – it’s called “the most wonderful time of the year” for a reason, and it’s not just because of candy canes and eggnog. So how can you “go glam” without going over budget…

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