The What to Wear To Church Debate

The What to Wear to Church Debate

“Have you seen what some people wear to church these days?” a woman asked me recently. “I think God would consider it sloth.” “Just be glad they show up,” said another. “Besides, God doesn’t care how you dress.” “But don’t you think a house of worship warrants special attire?” I asked the second woman. She…

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What to Wear To Holiday Parties

‘Tis the season to pull out your finery and enjoy some holiday merriment. But what’s appropriate for different situations, and how can you look good when your style is bigger than your budget? Here are some guidelines on what to wear to parties: Cocktail Party Cocktail parties call for cocktail attire, which typically means a…

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What to Wear to A Class Reunion

What to Wear to a Class Reunion

So you’ve got a class reunion coming up and you want to look great.  But you also want to look thinner, taller, younger, and more prosperous than your former classmates, all while being comfortable. Sound impossible? Not necessarily.  The main things you have to remember are:  place, time, and activity. Place Class reunions can take…

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Fashion Software and Apps to Keep You Organized

Ever have trouble keeping track of all your clothing?  Ever wish you could see everything you had to work with at a glance?  Need help visualizing different outfits? Let these techy fashion tools help.  Whether you’re trying to keep track of what you have or what you’ve worn or are trying to match the perfect…

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Royal Wedding Fashion Review

So what did you think of the royal wedding?  The dress?  The hats?  The shoes? I was up at 5 am, flipping between the information-packed coverage on BBC America and the gossip-filled coverage on E! What a hoot!  You got all the history, protocol, and traditions on BBC, and all the secrets and dirt on…

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