Celebrity Fashion: Angelina Jolie — Fashion Muse?

Actress Angelina Jolie has raised brows for years.  From tattoos and boyfriends to movie roles and children, Jolie has marched to her own drummer.  Which is why she wasn’t the most obvious choice when she was named the face of venerable luxury giant St. John Knits in 2006.

It was a tumultuous time for the retailer.  The founder, Marie Gray, and her daughter Kelly had resigned from the company.  A new CEO came and went quickly.  Hundreds of employees defected.  How could Jolie make a difference?

Few felt that she could.

But a look at the Fall 2007 collection shows what a difference a year can make.  Not only has Jolie continued as the face of the company, she’s also inspired some of the new designs.  While some of the same favorite, classic silhouettes are still there, you’ll also find a lot more trendy pieces in the new collection, which debutes a little later this year.

Look for the new ad campaigns in the August issue of high-end fashion magazines.

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