Paul Poiret and the Annual Costume Institute Gala

Do you like fashion history and celebrity fashion? Then here’s a fun one for you:

Paul Poiret [pwah-rey] was a French designer of the early 1900’s who was instrumental in changing women’s fashions from the strict corsets of the 19th Century to more comfortable, free-flowing styles.  Women around the world adored him.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York has decided to remember Monsieur Poiret with a lavish exhibit that runs now through August 5th.  They opened the exhibit with the Annual Costume Institute gala this past Monday, which was attended by tons of celebrities and fashion insiders.

You can read all about the party on, and if you’re planning a trip to the Big Apple this summer, you can learn more about the exhibit here.

Make sure you have a few minutes to spend before heading over to either site — there’s A LOT there, and you may wind up spending more time there than you intend.  I know I did.

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