Crazy Fashions Rich People Buy

In the world of fashion and luxury, nothing is too good for people with money – and fashion designers know this.  That’s why they offer special items for their most discerning clients, items you probably never knew existed, like…

Gucci Mahjong Set

This beautiful limited edition Mahjong set was made to commemorate the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, and was sold exclusively in China and Hong Kong.  Covered in La Pelle Guccissima red leather and originally priced at $3,150, these have been showing up on the Japanese auction market for as much as $9,600.

Gucci Mahjong Set
Chanel Boomerang

Cute idea, but I really can’t imagine anyone trying to actually throw away their Chanel anything …can you?   (Price unknown)

Chanel Boomerang

Chanel Fishing Rod

Chanel…fishing rod.  Chanel…fishing rod.  Nope, I’ve written it three times now and those words still don’t work together.  About the only woman I know who would know what to do with a luxury fishing rod is Queen Elizabeth on Balmoral holiday.  But then she’d buy British, not French.  ($18,000)

Chanel Fishing Rod

Chanel Snowboard

For the girl (or guy) who needs to look good from head to snow, Chanel offers this beautiful Chanel snowboard.  Hope it comes with a handy, take-anywhere carrying case, because you KNOW you’re not going to want to lean this against a wall outside while you warm up with some hot cocoa in the lodge… ($2,750)

Chanel Snowboard Chanel Surfboard

Want to look good while you “hang ten”?  Try the Chanel surfboard.  It will only set you back about $4K.

Chanel Surfboard Louis Vuitton Skateboard

The limited edition Louis Vuitton Skateboard – a tribute to the late fashion designer Stephen Sprouse  – appeared in early 2009 and was sold only at the Vuitton store in SoHo.  Featuring a graffiti board and LV carrying case, it retailed for $8,250.  Hmm.  I’m thinking my skateboard-crazy nephew would probably prefer $1,000 in Tony Hawk gear and $7 grand in cash instead…

Louis Vuitton Skateboard

Louis Vuitton First Aid Kit

For the fashion lover who wants to look good all the time  – even in medical emergencies – Louis Vuitton offered their limited edition first aid kit.  Made to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Red Cross in 2009 – and modeled after a 1914 war-time kit –  this beautiful case includes bandages, antiseptic, a stethoscope, and other first aid equipment.  Rumor has it some people bought it for the Louis Vuitton band aids alone.  Price unknown.

Louis Vuitton First Aid Kit - Exterior Louis Vuitton First Aid Kit - Interior Louis Vuitton Band Aids

Ralph Lauren Purple Label  x LeBron James Basketball

As part of his philanthropic endeavors, basketball great LeBron James teamed with Ralph Lauren to create 300 limited-edition Purple Label basketballs.  Offered in October, 2008 and priced at $1,000 each, all proceeds went to the LeBron James Family Foundation, an organization that focuses on education and helping single parent families.  Probably NOT the ball you want to be shooting hoops with on the driveway…

Ralph Lauren LeBron James Basketball

Just a little something fun and out of the ordinary, to see how the other 2% live…


  • Ruth

    Reply Reply August 12, 2010

    I hate things like this. Why should I pay through the nose to advertise someone else’s business?

    I want my things to be appreciated (usually by me) for what they actually are, rather than whose status-symbol trade-mark is on them – and that includes fabrics with their logo on. My clothes mustn’t show a label or logo on the outside. I will remove a label if it might show when I wear it.

    No matter how much you spend on this kind of thing, to me it just seems tacky.

    • Celia B. Elumba

      Reply Reply August 13, 2010

      I’m with you there, Ruth. It does not make sense to me that I should pay for a shirt with someone’s screaming name or logo in it – I am no celebrity but if putting on the article of clothing would seem like a tacit endorsement, maybe I should get paid for it, not the other way around. 🙂

      • Diana

        Reply Reply August 20, 2010

        Ladies, you crack me up!

        Actually I did write about this very topic some time ago in Designer Label No-Nos.

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