Cute Purses for the Holidays

With the holiday sale season upon us, now’s a great time to grab some of those cute purses for evening and special occasions.  Spice up your old LBD with new accessories or make your bag the focal point of your ensemble.  Just don’t go overboard.

Here are some things to think about when buying cute purses:

Opt for Neutral Colors

While a blue satin clutch or sparkly red pumps will add lots of pizzazz, they only go with so many things.  So opt for neutral tones you can wear again and again, like black, silver, gold, or flesh color.  The more times you can wear them, the more you get your money’s worth.

Don’t Go Too Trendy

Feathers and lace may be all the rage this year, but they probably won’t be in style next.  Since you typically don’t use evening or holiday accessories as often as your regular daywear items, you need to think carefully about splurging on items you’ll only wear once or twice.  Don’t beggar yourself for items you rarely wear.

Don’t Spend A Lot Unless. . .

…you use evening accessories a lot or are investing in artistry you can hand down for generations.  A beautiful evening bag is a wonderful thing and I know it may be tempting, but think about how often you’re going to use it.

Borrow or Swap

Finally, if you’d like a cute purse for New Year’s but your budget just can’t swing it, ask friends or relatives if you can borrow their pieces instead.  Not only will you get a new look for the night, you don’t have to spend a dime.

Now you may look over these suggestions and think, “Boring!”  But the fact of the matter is, part of dressing and accessorizing well is in knowing how and where to spend your money.   Spend the most on the pieces you wear the most, the least on those you wear the least.  Since evening and holiday accessories are typically worn very little, don’t spend a fortune on them.   Learn how to sparkle without breaking the bank.

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