Fall 2015 Accessory Trends

Fall 2015 Accessory Trends

We’ve explored the most wearable clothing trends for Fall Fashion 2015, but what about accessories?

Good question! Because accessories finish an ensemble and can pull together a look, and they’re one of the easiest ways to partake of a season’s trends without going overboard or over-budget.

So, from head to toe, here are some of the easiest-to-wear accessory trends for Fall 2015.


Not really a “hat person,” but like to keep warm in cold weather? Try a beret. It will keep your head warm, store easily, and make you look oh-so-chic. It’s why this French favorite has been popular for centuries.

Chenille Beret Kate Spade Beret Textured Beret
Chenille Beret Kate Spade Beret Textured Beret

Hair Clips and Headbands

Hair clips and headbands fall in and out of fashion, and right now, they’re both back “in” in a big way. Wear a jeweled clip to add sparkle to your hair or a pretty headband to finish off your look. Just make sure they’re office-appropriate if you wear them to work.

Headband Laurel Headband Thunderbird Comb
Jeweled Headband Laurel Headband Thunderbird Clip

Statement earrings

Big earrings are big right now, whether a single earring, a pair of earrings, or an earring cuff. Wear whatever suits your fancy – just remember that at work, the focus needs to be on you and not your earrings.

Single Earring blank Coin Earrings blank Cuff Earring
Bee Earring Coin Earrings Cuff Earring


Scarves continue to be a favorite this year, because they’re one of the easiest ways to spice up an outfit. If you want to add a little zip to “the same old, same old,” try a scarf.

Marc Jacobs Scarf Burgundy Scarf Pocket Scarf
Silk Scarf Knit Scarf Pocket Scarf


Taking a page out of the 1940s, brooches are back in a big way in 2015. They’re fun and eye-catching and almost always a conversation-starter. They’re also a great way to add sparkle to sweaters and tops. Just remember to keep the size of the brooch in proportion to your body size, and to place them between the shoulder and the bustline.

Art Decco Flamingo Brooch Wreath Pin
Art Decco Brooch Flamingo Brooch Wreath Brooch

Wide belts

Wide belts are hot, hot, hot this year. Try them if you have a trim waist and a long torso, which is the best canvas for these pieces. Don’t have either? Skip this trend – there are plenty of others to choose from.

Alexander McQueen Belt Leather Belt Twill Belt
McQueen Belt Leather Belt Twill Belt


For centuries, no well bred woman was considered well dressed without gloves, because touching others skin-to-skin – as in a handshake or hand-kiss – was considered too intimate for a “proper” lady.  Gloves fell out of fashion in the late 1960s and have been rarely seen since except in cold weather or in high society. Until now. Gloves were all over the fall runways and for many, they were a sight for sore eyes. Because not only do gloves keep your hands warm in cold weather, they also offer a stylish barrier from all the cold and flu germs that linger on things you touch every day, like door knobs, elevator buttons, and grocery cart handles.  Chic and healthy is very fashionable.

Gloves Button Gloves Ralph Lauren Gloves
McQueen Gloves Button Gloves Ralph Lauren Gloves


You’ll find big, oversized bags everywhere this season, mostly because you have so much stuff to carry in cold weather, like hats, gloves, and occasionally, a change of shoes (for when you wear snow boots in transit). Big bags are great for all that, but you have to remember one thing: keep the size of the bag in proportion to your body size. So if you’re tall, carry a bigger bag; if you’re petite, go smaller.

Valextra Purse Drawstring Bucket Bag Suede Bag
 Valextra Tote  Drawstring Bucket Bag  Suede Bag


Did you know? The hottest, most pre-ordered bag of the season was Thom Browne’s whale tote.

Thom Browne's Whale Bag Whale Bag on the Runway
The “It” bag of the season:
Thom Browne’s Whale Tote
The Whale Tote
Shown on the runway with whale coat

Tights/Patterned Tights

After one too many fashionistas scoffed at hosiery but then shivered in the cold, they started looking for other ways to cover up in cold weather. Tights fit the bill nicely. This year, patterned tights are all the rage again, just like they were back in the early 90s.

Fogal Opaque Tights Patterned Tights Patterned Tights
Fogal Tights Patterned Tights Patterned Tights


You’ll find kitten heels, stacked heels, statement shoes, and velvet shoes in stores this fall, but save the last two for after hours. You want to focus attention on your face, not your feet in business, and velvet is traditionally a party fabric – that does NOT do well in rain or snow.

Kitten Heels Statement Shoes Velvet Shoes
Kitten Heels Statement Shoes Velvet Shoes


So…lots of great accessories to choose from this fall. As always, spend the most on your wardrobe staples and go cheap on trends. It’s the best way to get the most for your money.

Happy dressing!


  • Nancy Molstad

    Reply Reply September 27, 2015

    Whale bag: sweet–for the next two weeks?
    Hosiery: hooray!
    Shoes I might not fall from: hoorray!
    Statement earrings: hooray!
    Gloves: about time, germ-phobic America! Especially in church when you turn about and greet the person next to you with a handshake and “God’s peace”.

    Diana, what is your take on carrying a tote bag and a handbag? And what is fresh and new with scarves? Length, material, color, ways to tie a scarf?

    Thanks so much for your advice and your point of view!!

    • Diana

      Reply Reply September 28, 2015

      Hi Nancy – glad you’re enjoying all the accessory trends! I’m not a huge fan of a handbag + a tote bag (or briefcase). Too many bags = pack mule effect. If you need both, my recommendation is to tuck a smaller bag (like a clutch or wristlet) into the tote, that you can then pull out and use separately. It just looks cleaner and more organized to carry one bag vs multiple bags. As for scarves, I’ll reveal more in an upcoming article. Stay tuned…

  • Renée Suzanne

    Reply Reply September 29, 2015

    LOVE that brooches are back! Thanks for keeping us informed. I always enjoy your articles.

    • Diana

      Reply Reply September 30, 2015

      Hi Renee – I’m glad they’re back, too! I have lots of them. Thanks for note!

  • Maria Herolds

    Reply Reply October 17, 2015

    Fashion accessories are the most important parts of women. Even I’m a very fashion addicted person and I always choose perfect match handbags, earring, make-up and scarves.

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