Fall fashion trends are here!

The days are getting shorter, the mornings are getting chillier, but the big tip off that Fall has arrived?  All the Halloween stuff is in the stores!  It’s like walking around in heavy coats in March and being surrounded by swimsuits and sandals.

So what’s hot for Fall fashion 2010?  (If you’re south of the equator and heading into spring, check out the Spring 2011 trends at Style.com)

Before I tell you, let me remind you once again to invest in classics, go cheap on trends.  Don’t spend a lot of money on pieces you’re only going to wear a few times.  Spend it on your wardrobe workhorses instead.

With that in mind, here are the season’s “best bet” trends that you can buy new or cobble together from your existing wardrobe:

Retro Lady

Looks like I’m not the only one loving the Mad Men ladylike silhouettes.  The retro girl is back in a BIG way for fall for fall with full skirts, cinched waists, and slim heels.  Match your lipstick to your nail color to complete the look and observe how well the males of our species treat a girlie-girl.

Retro chicChadwicks

Retro chicMacys

Power Sheath

Remember the power suit?  Well, times have changed — and while there’s nothing like a great suit to close an important deal, a great sheath runs a close second.  It’s simple, it’s sleek, it’s chic and it turns heads.  If you’re in the market for something simple yet sophisticated, try a sheath.



Boyfriend Jacket

The boyfriend jacket, like the sheath, is a classic silhouette that never really goes out of style.  It’s a basic, dark-colored, single-breasted blazer where you can roll up the sleeves and wear with casual attire.  A great look for those chilly fall nights.

Boyfriend jacketSierra Trading Post

Boyfriend jacketMacys


Metallics fall in and out of favor, and this fall seems to be the “it” season for gold.  If you have warm undertones and like gold embellishments, go for it.  If you have cool undertones or gold just doesn’t look good on you, skip this trend and try another.




Leather attire is hot, hot, hot this season, so indulge in a beautiful leather jacket or skirt if you’re so inclined.  Just remember that leather and water don’t play well together (especially suede) and that fine leathers require extra care.

Leather skirtChadwicks

Leather jacket

Exotic Prints

Looking for a new way to spice up an old wardrobe staple?  Add an exotic print.  Animal, ethnic, geometric, whatever – anything new and different will do.  Just be sure to keep the size of the print in scale to your body – you don’t want it to over or underwhelm your physique.

Exotic printColdwater Creek

Exotic printZappos

Military Chic

There’s nothing like a man in uniform. . .from which to draw fashion inspiration!  From trenches and pea coats to sailor whites and khaki pants, the military has inspired designers for centuries – and this fashion season is no different.  Try a great military look to add drama to your wardrobe.

Miltary inspiredMacys

Miltary inspiredZappos

Red Accents

Red is an attention-getting color that women have used for centuries to draw attention to parts they want to accentuate.  Have great lips, hands, or feet?  Put red on them.  Or just encase yourself in red to get heads a-snapping.

Red Accents
Curvaceous Chic Woman

Red AccentsColdwater Creek

Statement necklaces

Want a fun, easy way to draw attention to your face and away from other parts of your body?  Try a statement necklace.  Just remember to keep the scale appropriate to your size.

Statement necklaceJeGem

Statement necklaceOverstock


Leggings are comfortable and fun and just the perfect thing to wear under an oversized tunic or sweater.  But they are NOT for everyone.  This is a form-fitting garment that requires a fit form to look good.  If that describes you, great!  If not, stay away. . .



So, these are my “best bets” for Fall Fashion trends 2010. You may like some, you may hate others – that’s okay, that’s what fashion is all about.  The great part is, you don’t need to go overboard to look chic.  If you manage to incorporate two or three or three of these trends into your wardrobe this year, you’ll be seen as fashionable and current.

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    • Isabel

      Thank you so much for this article. It’s very accurate and useful.
      I would like to know what elements should I definitely remove form my wardrove for this season and for the coming whole year. I live in Italy and in a small town, when fashion is quiet strict and tends to dark colours. kindly, just point out the “wrong bets” as precisely as you have done here.
      Thanks again,

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