Winter Hat Guide for Women

Winter Hat Guide

Once upon a time, a woman was not considered “dressed” unless she wore a hat. Today, hats have largely fallen out of fashion – except when then the weather calls for it. When temperatures dip and you need to bundle up, a hat becomes a necessity. While you can go hatless – as many people…

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10 Drool-Worthy Fashion Websites

Drool-Worthy Fashion Websites

Ever follow a link to a magical site that captures your imagination? Where you promptly spend hours consuming content and lose all track of time? Me, too. Happens all the time. Especially with fashion websites. Which is why I suggest you visit some of these when you have the time. You’re not going to want…

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Why Global Clothing Sales Have Plummeted

Why Global Clothing Sales Have Declined

If you’ve been watching recent fashion headlines, you know that world-wide, clothing sales have tanked. The economy is finally recovering, people are finally starting to spend money again, but not on clothes. They’re spending it on electronics and novelty items, like drones. It’s no mystery why. The key word here is novelty. People like new…

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Fall Fashion 2016

Fall Fashion

Now that the kids are back in school and the weather’s starting to change, it’s time to update your wardrobe for fall. You don’t need to follow every trend to look current; just try one or two to freshen things up a bit. Use classic pieces to form the backbone of your wardrobe, and go…

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Ever Been Told You Don’t Belong?

Ever been told you don't belong

I once worked at a non-profit that was built near an affluent neighborhood. They had schools, grocery stores, restaurants, and places of worship nearby so you could get everything you needed. One day after work, I stopped by the grocery story to grab something before I headed home. As I was standing in an aisle,…

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