The Psychology of Clothing, Part I

The Psychology of Clothes

I always smile when someone tells me that clothing is superficial and unimportant because what they’re really saying is that they’ve never experienced the benefits of proper dress. If they had, they’d know just how large a role clothing plays in their behavior – and they’d probably be making a lot more money. Alas, ignorance…

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How People With Money and Power Dress Differently

The National Archives Building

“When you step off the plane, you can smell the power.” That’s how a woman I once worked with in Texas described the climate in Washington, DC. She’d just returned from a conference there, and was ready to go back for more. “It’s exciting. Vibrant. Powerful,” she said. “I’d move there in a heartbeat.” That…

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When In Doubt, Wear Red

When in doubt, wear red

“When in doubt, wear red,” said designer Bill Blass. His suggestion was most likely aimed at women who like to stand out, but attracting attention is just one of the psychological aspects of red. Research shows wearing red generates all sorts of interesting responses, so tuck some of these fun facts into your image arsenal…

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How to Dress Fashionably in a STEM Industry

You’ve got the smarts. You’ve got the experience. You even know how to deal with the locker room talk. What you don’t have are all the cute clothes your friends in creative industries get to wear, because fashion and male-dominated industries just don’t mix. No one would take you seriously. Because apparently, women can only…

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Go Old School Style for New School Success

Old School Style

So my younger daughter, Peyton, and I were at the mall after school one day and decided to grab some Thai food to take home. This little restaurant in the food court is good, cheap, and in a prime location, so the queue at rush hour can be 10-15 minutes. It’s worth the wait. We’d…

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