Here are some of the latest, greatest, funniest, and saddest fashion stories from around the web:

John Galliano: Downfall of a Couturier

What do John Galliano and Mel Gibson have in common?  They downed a few too many, started trash-talking, and ruined their careers. So, so sad.  See what Women’s Wear Daily had to say on the matter (along with some fabulous pictures).

Why Smart Men Date Dumb Women

Think all the smart guys lose their good sense when in the presence of a beautiful woman? Hardly!  Many date them by design.  Here’s why smart men date dumb women, including an honest assessment from a 20-Something man who proves everything I say in Chapter 1 of Clothes That Get The Guy.

Which Tiara Will Kate Middleton Wear?

While Americans are all atwitter about who will design Kate Middelton’s wedding dress, the Brits are asking a question that no one outside of the beauty pageant circuit asks in this country: “Which tiara will she wear?” Hello Magazine explores the options in stunning photographs that put a uniquely royal spin on the term “the family jewels:”

Kate Winslet’s Nude Ad

As the spokeswoman for Lancôme, actress Kate Winslet’s putting on the lipstick and pulling off the clothes in her new commercial for the cosmetics company. The verdict? Absolutely stunning! Wished I looked that good in a sheet…

Hollywood’s Most Powerful Fashion Stylists

You’ve probably heard of Rachel Zoe, L’Wren Scott, and Brad Goreski, but what about Jeanne Yang and Annabel Tollman? Check out the top 25 Hollywood stylists and learn how Rachel Zoe became a household name.

So – some of the fun fashion news from around the web. Sip your coffee and enjoy!

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