Fashion Police: The Only So-So Pretty-In-Pink Petite

Petite in PinkFashion Police Alert

Fuchsia is a bright color meant to draw the eye, and this gal’s top certainly did.  While I applaud her attempt to look pulled together, there are a couple of things that she could have done better:

1.  Wear a Support Bra

This one is flattening and allowing her to sag instead of lifting and supporting.  A properly-fitting bra is essential for any woman, but an absolute “must” when you have a short torso, large breasts, and a bit of a tummy. Otherwise, it all tends to “run together.”

2.  Dark on Top, Bright on Bottom

Bright colors make what they’re on look bigger, and the fuchsia shown here is no exception:  it makes this gal’s “V” body shape all that more apparent.  With her flat bottom and thin legs (which is typical of her shape), she could have downplayed her top in the dark color and highlighted her assets in the bright color for a more flattering ensemble.

3.  Skip the Cropped Pants

Cropped pants tend to visually “chop up” the wearer and should be worn with caution – particularly when you’re petite and don’t have a lot of leg length to begin with.  These pants also had cuffs (which are hard to see in this photo), and the pant length and cuffs combined with the dark, attention-drawing dark footwear don’t do much for this tiny 4’10” body.

Fashion Police Citation:  Too many horizontal details on too small a framework.


  • Carol Fritz

    Reply Reply April 22, 2010

    Love the bra! Do you know of something similar in a 36D? I need the support!

  • Shel

    Reply Reply April 27, 2010

    I think this person works in the office next to me! Thanks for sharing!

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