Ever have trouble keeping track of all your clothing?  Ever wish you could see everything you had to work with at a glance?  Need help visualizing different outfits?

Let these techy fashion tools help.  Whether you’re trying to keep track of what you have or what you’ve worn or are trying to match the perfect shade of whatever 1,000 miles away from your closet, let your fingers do the walking.

Here’s how:

Homy Fads Wardrobe Manager

Download this Windows-based wardrobe management software to your desktop and input your inventory of clothing and accessories.  You can set up tags like brand, price, purchase date, etc., to help you build a complete picture.  Then, let it help you devise different combinations by typing in a few keywords, like black, lace, or whatever.  It will instantly show you everything you have in those categories.  You can add multiple wardrobes for different family members or clients, if you like.

Hom Fads

Closet Couture

This online virtual closet is REALLY cool.  Photograph and upload your inventory, then virtually try on stuff to see different combinations.  Not liking what you’re seeing?  Drop and drag potential purchases from their School of Style closet.  Or, just for fun, virtually style one of your favorite style icons and save it for others to look at and vote on.  Have NO CLUE what to wear for a special or important occasion?  Either flip through the styling ideas catalog or hire one of their stylists to help.

Closet Couture


My Clothing Calendar

My Clothing Calendar is another virtual closet that allows you to upload pictures of your clothing and accessories and helps you visualize and style outfits.  But it takes you one step further – it allows you to note what you wore when and with whom.  GREAT tool if you speak or present a lot, socialize a lot, or are frequently photographed so you won’t be seen in the same thing twice!  Use for yourself, your family, or your clients.

My Clothing Calendar


Touch Closet

Touch Closet allows you to upload pictures of all your clothing and accessories online and plan various outfits.  Want a specific look?  Let their experts offer some suggestions.  Then, to have it all at your fingertips wherever you go, grab the iPhone app, synch it with your virtual closet, and carry it on your phone.  Have a specific shade you need to match?  Can’t remember if you have a certain style of shoe?   Don’t know if the necklace you’re looking at in the store will work with the top you have in mind?   Whip out your phone and take a look.

Touch Closet

Pocket Closet

Pocket Closet is another iPhone app that, like My Clothing Calendar, allows you to keep track of what you wore when.  It’s super handy, since it’s all on your phone, and it even allows you to text your friends, clients, or colleagues potential outfits.  Very cool!

Pocket Closet


Yes dear readers, times are a-changing!  It does take some time to photograph and upload everything, but once it’s done, it’s done.   Plan your ensembles for the week, create ensembles for your clients, keep track of what you wore when – it’s all available at the touch of a button.

Don’t you just love technology?

    2 replies to "Fashion Software and Apps to Keep You Organized"

    • marjorie

      I have used My Clothing Calendar, but have been unable to log in. does it not exist any longer?

      • Diana

        Hi Marjorie,

        Looks like they’re out of business. Sorry! (This article was written in June, 2011)

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