10 Great Fashion Websites 2010

Every summer for the last few years, I’ve shared a growing list of fashion websites I like.  It’s fun to see what’s out there, and with new sites popping up all the time, it’s fair to say that beautiful clothes (like great wine, fine chocolate, and handsome men) are enjoyed the world over.

If you have some time on your hands (please don’t do this at work – unless you work in the fashion industry!), check out my great fashion website list for 2010:


Originally started as a blog to report the latest and greatest sneakers, HypeBeast has grown into a “fashion news destination” where you can learn about the latest trends, read interviews with up-and-coming designers, and see where fashion-related events are happening.  If you like cutting-edge fashion, you ‘ll LOVE HypeBeast.


An eclectic little British blog covering the latest in perfumes and grooming products, BaseNotes shows you which scents to try and which to skip.   They have a large forum community with discussions of purchases, allergic reactions, great perfume gifts, etc.  If you’re into fragrance, you’ll learn a lot here.


The home of Paper Magazine on the web, this New York-centric site focuses on the pop culture events trends, and happenings in New York.   If you live in the Big Apple (or wish you did) or if you’re planning a trip, take a look – you’ll learn a lot.


A sort of junior European version of The Sartorialist, FaceHunter shows street looks from around Europe, mostly in Paris. More quirky fashion, less commentary and visual candy than Scott Schuman’s fashion blog, FaceHunter nonetheless offers an interesting look at what hip young Europeans are wearing right now.


Cutting-edge fashion, beautiful photographs, and quirky reviews make Hint Magazine a must-see for the fashion lover.  You’ll find clothes, art, funny interviews and more from this fun, almost over-the-top site.


Devoted to supermodel beauty and style, Modelinia both follows famous models and shows readers how to eat, work out, and put on makeup like one.  If you like certain models or just one to dress like one, this site can help you do it.


Love shoes?  Wish you knew what was always happening in the world of shoe fashion?  Then check out Shoeblog.com.  Gorgeous high-end shoes, wacky of-the-moment styles, plus advice from the shoe-aholic editor.  Addictive.


Find current sample sales, get looks for different sizes and budgets, learn about skin care, and vote on celebrity red carpet fashion.  Fun and loaded with information.


Kiss and Makeup is a beauty review site that talks about everything from lipstick and perfume to acne products and blow dryers.  VERY comprehensive.  If you’re thinking about trying new makeup lines or investing in styling appliances, you might want to check here first to see if it’s worth the money.

Men’s Fashion

I’m often asked where to look for men’s style.  I understand, for I, too, like looking at pictures of handsome, well-dressed men.  <Sigh>  My answer?

Britain:  gq-magazine.co.uk
France:  gqmagazine.fr
Australia: gq.com.au

So there you have it – ten great fashion sites to look at and enjoy.  Gotta love it!

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