The Secret to Finding Great Beauty Products

Ever bought a trendy “must have” beauty product, tried it – and never wore it again?

Me, too.  I used to collect them in a shoebox under my bathroom sink because you usually can’t return makeup products after they’ve been open, but it seemed so wasteful to just throw them away.  In time, I gave them to my daughters to play dress up with when they were little.

So how to do you find great products without this expensive (yet all-too-familiar) trial-and-error process?

By reading website reviews.

It’s one of the greatest assets of the web, learning from others’ experiences.

Websites like Macys, Nordstrom, Sephora, and Amazon allow you to write reviews about their products.  Which means that if you’re considering making a purchase, you can see what others who have tried it think about it BEFORE you buy it.  Excellent!

But what if you have no idea where to start?

Start here:  Allure’s Best of Beauty

Each year, the editors of Allure Magazine try thousands of products in dozens of categories to find the best skin care, lip stick, eyeshadow, etc. — across all price ranges — that they can share with their readers.  Sometimes a designer brand wins.  Sometimes, the drugstore brand does.  Whatever they chose, you can be sure of one thing:  it’s a GREAT product.

The Allure Beauty List has become SO reliable, in fact, that the brands that win almost always add the “Allure Choice Award” logo to their packaging and advertisements as further proof of their excellence.  If you’ve ever seen that little red logo on beauty products and wondered what it was, now you know.  It means it’s good stuff. Allure Award Winner

Some of the Allure “Best of” former winners that I’ve come to rely on are:

Purpose Cleanser

Aveeno Ultra Calming

Chanel Teint Innocence

Aveeno Ultra-Calming
Daily Moisturizer
Teinte Innocent

Now yes, the Chanel compact is expensive for a base makeup ($56), but it also goes on like silk, matches my skin tone, covers flawlessly, and makes me feel like a movie star.  Plus, having the little Chanel ladies fluttering around is always nice, as are the free Chanel samples upon purchase (love the perfume!).  Since I get my cleanser for less than $10 at a drug store, I can afford to splurge in other areas.

Beauty at Any AgeThat’s what makes this list so great – it reliably shows you were you can spend and save to get optimal results.   The best part?  Great products I actually use with no more shoebox under my bathroom sink!

Need some other makeup tips, what hairstyle to try, and other grooming tips?  Download a copy of Beauty at Any Age to see how easy looking great can be.

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