Fashion News and Great Gift Ideas

Here’s a collection of fun, interesting news from the world of fashion…and some great fashion gifts for all the fashion lovers in your life:

Fashion News

  • What will Kate Middleton’s wedding dress look like?  Well, while the details are fuzzy, there are three givens:  it will be white, have a train, and cover the shoulders.  Queen Victoria started the trend of white wedding dresses; here’s a look at royal brides since.
  • Beyonce fell in love with Thierry Mugler’s designs after a show at the Met and asked him to design the costumes for her upcoming world tour.  This video shows what goes into dressing a diva as well as why those concert ticket prices are so darn high.
  • Want to win a pair of designer shoes every week for a year?   Saks Fifth Avenue’s buying, and it’s worth up to $20,000.  Just sign up for Instyle Magazine’s new Style Find site.

Fabulous Gifts

  • Completely baffled by what to get the well-dressed tech toy lover in your life?  Head on over to and take a look at their USB flashdrive cufflinks.  Yes, really!  Very James Bond-like:
  • Speaking of James Bond, here’s something all the 007 fans in your life will love:  Living Like James Bond.   It’s a fun ebook on how to dress, travel, and seduce like 007, and it’s full of great tips on how to be a “guy’s guy.”  Fun gift for a guy, great niche idea for image consultants and fashion stylists who work with men.  (Give a how to dress like James Bond workshop or presentation.  Fun!)
  • Ever wish you could be on Dancing With the Stars?  Well, here’s the next best thing:  dancing lessons with one of their pros.  Louis Van Amstel shows you how to jive, rhumba, salsa, and more in a series of DVDs you can use in your home.   Get trim and learn how to dance and spice of your “date nights” like never before!

So, there you have it – fun things to read, see, and buy from the world of fashion.  Happy Holidays!

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