Hair Color Ideas

Hair color ideasWhat’s the best hair color for you?

The latest trend? The color you had as a teen? Something completely out of your gene pool?

It depends.

While it’s true that the right hair color can make you look younger, sexier, and more vibrant, the wrong hair color can make you look older, washed out, or even just plain weird. If you’re thinking about coloring your hair, here are some hair color ideas you need to consider BEFORE you “take the plunge”:

1. Let Your Skin Tone Dictate The Shade

Just as your skin tone determines which clothing and accessory colors look best on you, so does it determine which hair color looks best on you. If you have blue undertones, stick with hair colors that have cool undertones, like ash or black. If you have yellow undertones, try colors with warm undertones like caramel or auburn. If you ignore this and wear a warm tone next to cool coloring (or vice versa), the tones will clash and it will be obvious that you color your hair.

2. Stay Within a Couple Shades of Your Natural Color

While it’s fun to experiment with different hair colors, try and stay within a couple of shades of your natural color, particularly if you’re doing it yourself at home. Not only will you have a better chance of finding something that works well with your skin tone, you won’t have “buyer’s remorse” – or a big salon bill to correct it – by making a drastic change

3. Try Highlights Instead of Full Color

Want a little color lift but not the commitment of all-over color? Try highlights around your face and on the crown of your head. The strands of color will give your locks depth and texture against your natural hair color.

4. Go Lighter As You Age

If you had very dark hair in your youth and want to cover the gray, opt for lighter shades as you age. So if your hair was black when you were in your teens and twenties, for example, try dark brown or even cinnamon highlights as the decades pass. Keeping your hair the same dark color into your 50’s and beyond will emphasize lines and wrinkles and make you look older, not younger.

5. Budget the Upkeep

Whether you color your hair yourself or go to a salon, you’ll need to re-color the new growth every few weeks. If you have dark hair and are going blonde, this may mean monthly appointments at the salon. If you’re adding subtle highlights, you might be able to stretch it to six or seven weeks. Whatever it is, know the money going in and budget appropriately.

Beauty at Any AgeFinally, if you’re thinking about a new hair color but aren’t sure whether you really want to do it or not, visit a wig shop in your area and try on different colored wigs to see how various colors look on you. You may find one or two that you like – or you may find that you’ve avoided a costly mistake.

Need some other hair color ideas and hair style tips?  Download a copy of Beauty at Any Age to see how easy looking great can be.

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  • Jennifer

    Reply Reply June 9, 2011

    I dyed my hair black (natural color light brown) and had the long straight hair, short bangs look in my late 20s – I got a lot of compliments on the black hair but it got to be a little harsh as I got older. I noticed when I switched back to a more natural brown color, it made me look a lot younger since I wasn\’t keeping it obviously dyed which was a good look when I was going out to clubs, not so great as a business owner in my 30s. Anyway, the point of my comment is that you definitely need to change your look as you get older, what used to look good can just age you a lot after a while. Hmmm, who has also given similar advice? 🙂

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