How to Take One Outfit to Multiple Functions

I received an email question today about a problem many women face:  how to make one outfit go to many different activities in a day.

Here’s the question:

“I have followed all of your advice for the past few years and am very pleased with my dressing and feel good and confident always.  My main need for help is simply that I often attend 5 – 6 different venues in one outing,  eg.  visit school,  shop for groceries,  fit in a swim at the beach followed by an art gallery opening or dinner.   Yes I could go back home
repeatedly or take extra changes of clothes but this is quite a burden.  I would appreciate some advice.” – Jovanna

Here was my response:

Yes, trying to make one or two outfits fit five or six different activities can be a big challenge, especially when they’re as diverse as swimming and attending an art exhibit.  You won’t be able to make one outfit do everything, but you can make a couple of pieces go the distance by relying heavily on accessories to change the mood of the ensemble.
For example:
Swim – swim suit
School and errands:  black sweater, black pants, black flats, tote bag, day makeup.
Dinner and art gallery:  black sweater, black pants, high heels, chunky jewelry, evening clutch, evening makeup.
Aside from the swim, the only thing you’ll need to change are your shoes, bag, jewelry and makeup.  You could also wear
a sporty jacket for the day errands and an elegant evening wrap for the evening activities, if you’re so inclined.
Choose the colors that work best on you and think less formal during the day, more formal at night.


So if you need to make one outfit do many different things, think “change the accessories,” not “change the clothes.”

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