Met Costume Gala 2010

It’s the biggest fashion show east of the Mississippi, and it happens the first Monday in May.  What is it?  The Costume Institute Gala!

Featuring a regular “Who’s Who” of the Hollywood/Music/Socialite crowd, you’ll see the good, the bad, and the “what in the world was she thinking!”

That’s what I thought when beautiful Christina Hendricks of Mad Men poured her curvy self into this blue dress.  Ugh!  While I love her, this dress seemed matronly – probably because that’s how my grandmother’s bustline looked when she stuffed her G or H cups into a DD bra, which is the largest size she could find where she lived.

Ladies, don’t try this at home – or in public, particularly if you’re going to be photographed and put in a news feed that will be shown throughout the world.  Sigh.

To see how some of your other favorite stars looked at the Met, here are some of the most popular rundowns on the Net:

Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks
Courtesy of Reuters Images

Go Fug Yourself


New York Times


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