Fashion trends. Should you mix them? Should you match them? Should you wear them at all?

While I’m a big advocate of building a core wardrobe of simple, classic silhouettes that you can wear in a variety of ways, I do recommend freshening your wardrobe each season with a few trendy pieces that make your ensembles au courant. These should be inexpensive* and easy to let go of once the trend has past.

But how much is too much when it comes to mixing fashion trends?

It boils down to aesthetics.

Your clothes should never overwhelm you. You want people to look at you, note how cute/amazing/hot/appropriate/etc., you look – and then focus on YOU. You don’t want their gaze lingering on large displays of skin, or have their minds puzzling over what about your ensemble seems “off.” Your clothes should create the backdrop for your sparkling personality. Never play second fiddle to your clothes.

Here’s how fashion trends can “wear you”:

Patterned crochet dress

Crochet dress, alligator purse, cute little booties – individually, these pieces are okay. But when they’re mixed together, it’s just too much – you don’t know where to look first. You look at the dress, then at the bag, then at the shoes. Eventually, you look at the face of the wearer.

Now compare that to this:

Gray Crochet Dress

Crochet dress, solid-colored purse, cute little booties. Similar trendy elements, but the simple silhouette of the crochet dress allows the bag and shoes to “pop.” You take it in, and then look up. It doesn’t overwhelm the wearer.

P.S. You can use that dress to create a variety of different looks.

Let’s look at another:

T-shirt and Jeans

Cute, casual, ensemble – from the ankles up. The strappy sandals are too dressy for the distressed jeans. Or maybe it’s the dark, big bag paired with the light, flimsy shoes.  Either way, this just doesn’t work for me.

Compared to:

Shirt and jeans

Same, idea, but closed-toe boots. This looks grounded and pulled together.

And another:

Leather fashion trends

Where do I start with this? The bad fit of the dress? The slouchy leggings? The shoes? When you look head-to-toe on this one, the eyes get stuck from the knee down, trying to assess what’s going on. Not good.

Compared to:

Leather fashion trend

On this one, the eyes go straight to the fringe, then down to the shoes, then right back up to the face. The cape, leather pants, ankle boots, and clutch are all trendy, yet they work together and don’t overwhelm the wearer.

One more:

Cocktail dress fashion trends

Do we look at the dress, the bag, or the shoes? This dress should be the star of this ensemble; everything else should be plain and simple – including hair and makeup.

Compare that to:

Cocktail dress

The strappy, trendy sandals compliment the form-fitting dress, not compete with it. Your eyes go straight to this woman’s amazing figure.

See what I mean by it all boils down to aesthetics? Five fashion trends worn together can be fine if they all work in harmony with each other. Or, two can be too much if they’re competing for attention. Wearing too many “look at me!” fashion trends takes you from fashionable to fashion victim in the blink of an eye.

Don’t do that.

Fashion Style BlueprintStrive for harmony and aesthetic appeal in everything you wear. That’s how you become a fashion leader.

Need more help in putting outfits together? Fashion Style Blueprint can help.


*All the clothes shown here are from, a designer apparel site. These clothes are expensive, and beyond the reach of the typical budget. So why am I showing them? Because is full of trendy clothes, and their fashion stylists tend to be very good at putting together looks.  My suggestion is to get styling ideas here, then go buy similar items at your budget price point.


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