Never Let Them See You Sweat

A few years ago when I was speaking at the Washington Press Club, I shared the podium with a roster of people who had been invited to speak at a conference.  One of the men who preceded me gave a fascinating talk, but mid-way through his presentation, I noticed that he was perspiring heavily.  So…

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Plus Size Travel Clothing

In addition to these plus size clothing and travel clothing resources comes this resource from reader Kris Glick: “Just thought I’d pass on some info on material that doesn’t wrinkle which is wonderful for the large woman.  I’ve started getting outfits in the slinky knit material. They are absolutely fantastic!  They are so comfortable and…

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Business Attire: These Shoes Were Made For Walking

Last week’s article about wearing tennis shoes with business attire spawned an avalanche of emails, both from readers who agreed with me and those who vehemently did not.  I’d had a similar response the last time I wrote about this, back in 2001, but since I’d seen an overall decline of this odd combination, I was…

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