Dress like a leader

Dress Like a Leader

Want to do things your own way? Want others to “jump on board” with your ideas? Want to leave a legacy with your name on it? Than dress like it. It’s a requirement. That’s what global talent agent Sylvia Ann Hewlett discovered after interviewing nearly 4,000 college-educated professionals for her book Executive Presence: The Missing…

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The Staggering Cost of Dressing Down

The other morning, I saw a woman at a coffee shop…dressed in pajamas. Later, I saw people at the grocery store…dressed in workout clothes. That night, I saw a woman go into a nice restaurant for dinner…dressed in yoga pants. Yes, I get that relaxed clothes are comfortable. Yes, I get that “most people” dress…

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5 Trends that Need to Stop

It’s always fascinating to me which fashion trends catch on with the general public. While the fashion and entertainment industries introduce hundreds of cutting edge looks each year, only a handful are adopted by the masses. Sometimes, they’re good. More often, they’re bad. And, unfortunately, are often adopted by people who bare little resemblance to…

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Sophia Loren for Fendi

How to Get More Respect When You Travel

When I was a kid, people dressed for travel. Not to sit in a car for 10 or 12 hours, mind you, but for public transportation. Trains. Ships. Planes. Especially planes. In fact, the term “jet set” was first used in the 1950’s to describe those members of cafe society who could afford to travel the…

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How to Travel With Fewer Shoes

“The average women travels with five pairs of shoes,” a news reporter said as he walked through the Philadelphia airport on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, traditionally one of the busiest travel days of the year. “How many pairs are you taking?” he stopped and asked various women. “Five.” “Seven” “Too many.” “See this suitcase? It’s…

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