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Plus Size StyleBeing plus size can be a real challenge sometimes, physically, emotionally, and socially.  Add to the mix a lack of plus size style options and you could think that being plus size AND stylish are an impossible combination.

It isn’t.  You don’t have to be sample size to snap heads and garner admirers.  In fact, with just a few tips and a little imagination, you can become a style maven whatever your age, shape, size, or budget – and reap the many rewards that come from having a polished image.

Here’s how:

Acknowledge Your Current Size

While this isn’t an issue for some, for many, it’s the biggest obstacle.  Baby weight, bad relationships, tough finances, stress at work – the reasons are myriad, but the path to plus size usually end at the same place:  being bigger than you want to be.

It’s okay.  It happens.

But if you want to be stylish and enjoy the self esteem, increased earnings, and upgraded relationships that go with it — don’t ignore your current size or play games with yourself.  Avoiding scales and full length mirrors, not shopping so you don’t have to know your size, thinking that if you have a great hairstyle or beautiful nails that no one will notice you’re eighty pounds overweight — it may help you avoid reality, but it won’t get you from Point A to Point B.

If you were deep in debt and wanted to get out, you’d tally up the total amount you owed your creditors to figure out where you stand so you could formulate a repayment plan.  The numbers might not be pretty, but at least you have a starting point.  You have a “Point A” so you can now plot a course to “Point B.”

This is the same thing.

When you know your current weight and size, you can start buying the clothes that fit you correctly instead of swimming in clothes that are too big or squeezing into clothes that are too small.  When you know what you have to work with, it makes the rest of the job SO much easier.

Get Rid of Any Clothes That Don’t Fit

Go through your closet and get rid of any clothes that don’t fit.  They’re taking up space.  If you have clothes you’d like to hang on to in the event you drop some weight, store them elsewhere – another closet, in a box under your bed, etc.  The only clothes that should be in your closet are the ones that fit you right now.

Give Yourself Permission to Buy New Clothes

Don’t think you deserve new clothes because you’re not the size you want to be?  Slogging around in ugly, oversized pieces as punishment for not sticking to your diet?

BAD plan.

That’s like forcing yourself to talk to the cutest guy in school with a pimple the size of Houston on your nose.  It chips away at your self esteem until all you can think about are your deficiencies.  When you cover up that pimple – er, I mean buy clothes that make you feel good – you can put it out of your mind and put your energy into other things.


Accentuate the PositiveTake inventory of the things you like and dislike about your current shape.  Don’t say “nothing.”  EVERYONE has something unique and beautiful about themselves, like lustrous hair, a great smile, a beautiful bustline, great calves, or whatever.  Focus on the good.  Then accentuate it with flattering shapes, styles, and colors.


Downplay the Negative

Have big hips?  Saggy upper arms?  A prominent tummy? Downplay THOSE AREAS with concealing shapes and colors.  Do NOT cloak your whole self in a muumuu because you don’t like your behind.  Instead, find styles that downplay your behind but showcase your long neck or beautiful hair, for example.

Plus Size Jacket

Stick With Your Best Styles

Once you find the styles that work best with your figure, buy them again and again in different incarnations, like a wrap top, a wrap dress, a wrap jacket, etc.  Stick with what works.  Ditch what doesn’t.


Make Accessories Do Overtime

If you’re not comfortable with your figure, opt for basic clothing styles that skim your body and then use accessories to define your style.  Beautiful necklaces, handbags, bracelets, and shoes can go a long way in making you feel chic and au courant.

Plus Size Dress

Buy One Cool Trend

Find one seasonal trend you like and add it to your wardrobe, like a cute bag, jacket, bracelet, scarf, or whatever.  It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it needs to be current and something you like.  It will update your wardrobe, show others you enjoy fashion, and make you feel like you’re part of the fashion world regardless of your size.

Being plus size doesn’t mean you have to forfeit style.  There are plenty of options for fashion lovers of all shapes and sizes.  If you can’t find something local, look online.  You can literally have the world delivered to your doorstep.

But DO strive for style.  You don’t have to be a sample size to have fun with clothes and reap the rewards of a polished image.  You just need to determine what works for YOU so you can walk out the door every day feeling great about yourself.

Remember: people treat you how you treat yourself.  If you don’t think you’re worthy of nice things, neither will anyone else.

So treat yourself like the gem you are so you can turn heads and sizzle – whatever your size!

Need some more tips on plus size dressing?  Download a copy of Plus Size Style to see how easy turning heads can be regardless of your size. Plus Size Style

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  • "Grace"

    Reply Reply May 15, 2010

    I would not consider myself plus sized, but often I have to go “plus size” to get tops to cover my big girls (DDD)! And then the shoulders don’t fit. Any advice? What style tops/blazers/sweaters look best?

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