Why Global Clothing Sales Have Plummeted

Why Global Clothing Sales Have Declined

If you’ve been watching recent fashion headlines, you know that world-wide, clothing sales have tanked. The economy is finally recovering, people are finally starting to spend money again, but not on clothes. They’re spending it on electronics and novelty items, like drones. It’s no mystery why. The key word here is novelty. People like new…

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How to Dress Fashionably in a STEM Industry

You’ve got the smarts. You’ve got the experience. You even know how to deal with the locker room talk. What you don’t have are all the cute clothes your friends in creative industries get to wear, because fashion and male-dominated industries just don’t mix. No one would take you seriously. Because apparently, women can only…

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Clothing and Accessory Idioms

Ever wonder how some of the most popular sayings about clothes – like being “well heeled” and “take the gloves off” – came from?  Some have been around for centuries, others not so long.  If you’re a student of etymology (the study of words), you’ll find this particularly amusing.  For the rest of you, store…

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Business Casual Dress Code

So let’s say your company has a business casual dress code.  You’re not exactly sure what that means, but while your co-workers come to work wearing all kinds of crazy attire, you want to pin down what, exactly, is appropriate.  So what is business casual? First, kudos for even bothering to find out! Seriously. While…

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10 Mistakes Women Make With Their Business Attire

10 Mistakes Women Make With Their Business Wear

Is business attire still important? With retail stores closing and “athleisure” becoming the clothing of choice, it’s easy to think that how you dress for business really doesn’t matter any more. But nothing could be further from the truth. Because the psychology behind business clothes hasn’t changed since the Renaissance.  People have just gotten sloppy,…

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