There are 8 spring 2020 fashion trends you should avoid if you want to look good, stay cool, and be taken seriously at work.

These trends are impractical, seasonally inappropriate, or violate one or more of the principles of art. I’ll break them all down for you and show you what to wear instead.

So, what did you think?

Which of these Spring 2020 Fashion Trends are YOU going to avoid?

I know, I know – some of them go against the grain of what’s popular right now.

But one of the biggest reasons we have a retail apocalypse is because the fashion industry keeps pushing some of the crazy combinations shown in this video, and the buying public is just saying “no” by not buying.

Consumers may not always understand why they don’t like something, but they intuitively know something’s off.  That for whatever reason, some of these outfit combinations just don’t make sense.

That’s what happens when you violate the Principles of Art – you create an unsuccessful composition.

So sound off in the comments below with your thoughts, questions, or insights.

As promised, here are the links for further study:

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    2 replies to "Spring 2020 Fashion Trends to AVOID"

    • Alina

      I’m glad there is a voice calling out these non-sense trends!
      Are we not tired yet of all these trendy “influencers” who did not work a 9 to 5 job in their life? From makeup, fashion and lifestyle!
      We need more voices of reason like yours, Diana!

      • Diana

        Thanks! So glad you enjoyed it, Alina!

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