Ah, spring.

There’s something great about every season, but spring happens to be my favorite.  Not too hot, not too cold, and flowers and greenery everywhere.  April in Paris may be unforgettable, but so is a springtime in Virginia, where a handful of antebellum estates remain intact and fully functional near Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s home , and you can drive north on Route 22 and see the foals, calves, and lambs playing and grazing in the pastures every spring.  It’s one of those idyllic “Kodak moments” that’ll make even the most devoted of city dwellers stop and gaze with wonder.

Spring in Virginia

It’ll also make you re-asses your wardrobe to make sure you’re appropriately dressed wherever life happens to find you.  With that in mind, here are my top picks for Spring, 2010.

Note: If you live south of the equator and are heading into fall, you can look back at my picks for Fall Fashion 2009 or look forward with the recent flurry of fashion shows to what’s popular for Fall Fashion 2010.

Feminine and Girlie

Flowers and springtime go together, which is why you always see them on warm weather clothes.  Let your inner “girlie girl” run wild this season with flowers, ruffles, and bows.  Just make sure prints and embellishments are in proportion to your size, or you could look larger or smaller than intended.



____________________________________ Ralph Lauren, Macys BCBG, SmartBargains

Clean and Minimalistic

When times are lean, minimalism makes sense.  It can also be very fashionable.  Why buy the very latest trend when you can mix and match your workhorse classics for a clean, timeless look?



____________________________________ INC, Macys French Connection

Black and White

This combination has been on my top 10 for years because it’s simple, easy, and still so chic.  White with black accessories, black with white accessories, black with white swirls, white with black trim – whatever “floats your boat” works with this color combo.

Black and White

Black and White

____________________________________ Alfani, Macys Gabrielle Rocha, Zappos

Bright Pops of Color

Bright colored clothes evoke the bright flowers and fruits of the season.  Watermelon, plum, fuschia, turquoise – if you want to get in the spirit of the season, try a bright color that works well with your skin tone.



____________________________________ Sierra Trading Post Rampage, Amazon

Weekend in the Country

Ralph Lauren built his empire on the “country gentleman” look and it’s enjoying a Renaissance this season.  While you may not want to partake of all the gingham and pinafores, you might enjoy the embroidery, denim, and other classic country looks.

Weekend in the Country

Weekend in the Country

____________________________________ Sierra Trading Post Guess, Amazon

Military Trench

The trench continues to remain popular, both in trendy colors and standard neutrals.  A classic style with a zip-out liner is a great investment, because it can be worn just about anywhere in the world 3 seasons a year.  If you do opt for an inexpensive trendy style, always make sure that the buttons, lapels, and belt flatter to your figure.

Trendy Trench


____________________________________ DKNY,  SmartBargains Catherines


Geometrics are hot, hot, hot, this season, both in shape and print.  Try an asymmetrical hem, a 3-dimmensional embellishment, or a funky graphic print for a little fun.  Again, just be aware of how any and all of them work on your body type.



____________________________________ French Connection Michael Kors, Macys


Backless tops and dresses are sexy and chic, but they go in and out of style because frankly, they’re hard to wear.  First, you have to have a great back – no rolls, dimples, or acne.  Next, you either need to have small breasts or a seamless way to support heavy breasts so those babies aren’t bouncing around up front.  Finally, you need good posture and a fair amount of confidence to pull it off.  Otherwise, just cover up and show off something else instead, like great legs or a long neck.



____________________________________ French Connection Amazon


Why do we love animal prints and safari-inspired pieces so much?  It’s hard to say.  Maybe, like SUVs, they make us think of what we could do in them, even if the only hunting we do is for bargains and the only off-roading we manage is over-flow parking in grass lots. But hey-we’re ready, right?  Just remember to keep the safari pieces in the same mood as your other garments and keep the animal prints in small doses like a scarf, belt, or handbag.


Animal Print

____________________________________ Ralph Lauren, Macys Aspinal of London

Neutral Metallics

Who says shimmer and sparkles are just for the holidays?  Try a few sparkly neutrals this spring to liven up a warm summer night.



____________________________________ Catherines Ralph Lauren, Macys

There you have it – my top picks of the season.  As always, remember to invest in classics and go cheap on trends.  It’s the best way to get the most of your money.

    9 replies to "Spring Fashion 2010"

    • Betty Hamline

      I am a 72 year old woman who looks about 20 years younger according to everyone. I am very blessed
      that way! However, I am in major confusion about what I should wear. I realize I probably have
      some clothes which I need to get rid of but I am not sure. I am larger at the top than am at the
      bottom. I wear the smallest size “panties” and a 38C bustline. My problem is my waist doesn’t
      go in a lot and I have a “spare tire.” I try to cover the flaws of my spare tire and “not narrow”
      waist. I am very active in church and I have all kinds of critics regardless of what I wear. I never
      dreamed I would run into this in my senior years. When I couldn’t afford hardly any clothes in
      my youth, no one criticized me. Now, I buy a lot of clothes I seem to get an awful lot of criticism.
      Three women got together and they had on lovely new floral dresses. They looked great in them
      and they were all probably a size 8 or 10. They told me this is how “I should dress.” Those
      dresses would not look so lovely on me. Anyway, they told me that I dress so I look 20 pounds
      heavier than I am. I have worn a lot of “jackets” through the years. They are loose hanging jackets –
      not fitted around the waist. Should I donate all of the jackets to a charity or are they still in style?
      I am given such a hard time regarding my appearance that I wonder whether they are sincerely
      trying to help me. I haven’t said anything back to them but I am tempted to explain to them
      that “plumpish” women look younger because the lines in one’s face is filled out. Clothes
      look better on a slim person but I will never look like they do. They have small bones and I do
      not! Mine is medium to large bones! I am not sure which. Please advise about jackets, etc!
      Thank you so much. Betty Hamline

      • Irene Fleming

        Hmm. My take on your letter is that it is your “friends,” not your wardrobe, that are the problem. I turned seventy this year and I must say the last time anyone treated me the way your “friends” treat you I was in high school.
        But I wouldn’t say anything nasty to them, because, poor things, they are fat and dressed like English country sofas and they have no lives. More to be pitied than scorned.
        As to the question of your jackets, I bow to Diana in this matter, but I’m shaped more or less the way you are, only somewhat fatter around the middle, and I find that a good jacket rarely goes out of style. The thing you have to be sure of is that the armscye is high enough so that when you raise your arm the whole jacket doesn’t come up along with it.
        My other fashion tip is earrings. Gaudy dangling earrings draw people’s attention away from one’s deteriorating neck.
        Cheer up, and ignore the cackling of your hen friends.

      • Carrie

        Betty, with friends like those, who needs enemies?

      • CC

        Hi Betty, how about tops and dresses with an empire waistline. It accentuates your narrowness just under you bust line then gracefully flows over your tummy. Sounds to me like you could show off your small tush and legs too with snug fitting pants and skirts. You’ll probably have to fit your pants and skirts to fit your waist and have them tailored to your hips. (brought in, lucky you) Empire tops and dresses do not have to be sleeveless, they come in all shapes, designs, patterns and colours.
        Good luck and poo poo to your jealous friends. Big boobs and a small butt are the envy of most women.

      • Diana

        Hi Betty,

        I’ll answer this in article format because it requires further a further look and I think others can learn from it as well. Stay tuned…

    • DC

      I want to surround myself with friends who are fun to be around, positive, and uplifting…but I DON’T want my friends to be “yes” friends…you know the type: they think everything you do is great, even if it’s truly not in your best interest, and are afraid to speak their minds. I want to be surrounded by people who have different interests and view points so that we can help one another grow and get through this journey of life. That having been said…I’m not so sure your friends are being “mean”…they may just see a few things you are doing that might brighten your life a bit and would like to help, although it sounds as if their attempts are not quite right on the mark.

      As for the floral dresses, it sounds like your friends are “gently” saying, “We’d love to see you in something different. Why don’t you try this?” ….although, again, a floral dress may not be exactly right for your personal body type. Florals for those of us who are “round” in the middle can be a challenge, so opt for maybe incorporating a smaller floral print (larger prints can add visual pounds) into something else, like a necklace, scarf, or even a day bag, for a splash of Springtime color. This will bring you into “style” (and keep those $$’s you invest in trendy clothing to a minimum, as trends come, and trends go) if you want to incorporate something trendy into the trusty/classic styling you already have.

      As for jackets, because I am very peitte and don’t have a well-defined waistline (i.e. “round”), I tend to go with jackets that are more structured or that cut so that they “come in” a bit on the sides of my waist. Wearing a big jacket to hide ourselves, if we’re already a bit on the “round” side, doesn’t do us any favors and can add visual pounds, and create a frumpy appearance. As for the front of the jacket, stay away from wide lapels, as they can again add visual horizontals that we don’t necessarily like. And, keep the shoulder pads in them (but NOT the 1980’s shoulder pads that make you look like a football player!! Get rid of those!). Shoulder pads create structure, can make our shoulders look broader, create a “V’d appearance”, give a look of assertiveness, and create an all-together “put together” appearance.

      Hope that helps!


    • janetmzach

      Wow — I think Betty has just highlighted a HUGE concern for fit and trim women in their 50s-70’s and beyond! What DO we wear when many of our peers are wearing something else entirely? I think the friends are just doing what they know how to do, maybe not meaning any harm, but just trying (in a wierd way) to help you out. Probably subconsciously, they would like to have your figure. One website I can suggest is myshape.com. Some of their clothing is not my thing, but you do have the opportunity to enter your own specific measurements (get a friend to help) and style preferences and at least some of what you will find once you set up “my personal shop” will look good to you.

      Also, though I am not your age, Betty, for a while, I have found some brands that I like, but they are not cheap: Jones of New York, Alfani, Ann Taylor & Ann Taylor Loft (less expensive), Talbot’s, Jjill, and Chico’s. Best of luck shopping!

      • Diana

        Hi Janet,

        I think your post says it all: what do you wear when you’re “of a certain age” and your peers are wearing something else entirely?

        I wrote an article about this several years ago, but I think it’s time to revisit it in an updated way. Stay tuned for an article about this soon.

    • Ashley

      Love your blog & your ideas! I wanted to share one of my best kept secrets…Shop Moderne! Their stuff is super cute! I get mine from http://www.shopmoderne.com. They always have deals/promos going on too on their blog http://www.lovemoderne.com and best of all they ship internationally!

      Love the blog!

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