Sharon Stone’s Bad Manners Sparks International Incident

When you’re a movie star, it’s all about making a grand entrance.  You wait until everyone can see you, then you show up late so you can garner plenty of attention, right?

Not if you’re in the presence of royalty.

Actress Sharon Stone learned that one the hard way over the weekend when she arrived late to a banquet honoring this year’s Nobel Peace Prize winners in Oslo, Norway.

European royal protocol dictates that when a King and Queen attend an event, they are the last to arrive.  Everyone else should already be there in their seats, awaiting the royal couple.  It’s been the custom for centuries.

So when Miss Stone waltzed in 10 minutes after King Harald V and Queen Sonja of Norway had made their entrance at Oslo’s Grand Hotel, she symbolically declared herself as being more important than the King — and sparked an international incident as a result.  The Norwegians are up in arms about the whole thing, according to a report today on .

Oh, dear.  Nothing like turning whole countries against you because of a faux pas.  I guess Miss Stone could use a little etiquette consulting — as could anyone venturing into unknown social waters.  Hey, if you’re going to “play with the big boys,” you need to know the rules of the game.  Otherwise, you may get tossed out on your ear..

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